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Standard skin option for Silva & Aegis Prime?


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Hey could we please get a standard skin version for Silva & Aegis Prime?
In my opinion, the standard version (sword & shield) looks much better than the Prime version (mace & shield).

They look like 2 completely different weapons, honestly i stopped using the Prime version because of how it looks and feels. Now the Prime version is just a mastery fodder, the standard version is only viable sometimes, but there are 2 slots taken by the same weapon. I would like to sell the standard version and keep the Prime of course.

I would even say that the Prime version looks ugly, but that's just my taste.
The fiery sword and fiery shield look fantastic in comparison to a bulky mace and a bulky shield. It's nice and compact, the sword looks menacing, and when the fires on the shield turn off it looks like a piece of arm decoration. But the Prime version looks very weird, almost like holding a toilet seat lid with a toilet brush.
The standard version even sounds better, it has a sharp slashing sound, but the Prime version sounds exactly like trying to unclog a toilet or something :)

It would be really nice to have both skin options included, with both hitting sounds. The other DLC skins that come with a bundle are not as appealing as the standard version, and they are too expensive anyway.

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1 minute ago, (PSN)Raven-Ghosthawk said:

Not just Primes, but variants as well.

are we talking variants like wraith, vandal, prisma, or variants like cernos and mutalist cernos. Wraith, vandal, and prisma would probably work fine but variants that change firing type or add stuff might not.

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Oh yes i definitely agree that all Prime weapons should have a standard skin option, just like Warframes. Silva & Aegis was just one of the examples that bothered me the most, but there are other weapons as well.
And even other variants such as Wraith, Vandal and Prisma should have a standard skin option, as well as the option to change the sound of the weapon.

For example the standard Detron has a better sound than Mara Detron. Detron has a sharp sound, Mara Detron has a dull sound.
And the projectiles of standard Detron seem to have an increased velocity, or at least the spread is a bit different. Of course i want to use only Mara Detron because it's better and more powerful, i don't need the normal Detron anymore wasting a slot, but it's hard to get rid of the standard Detron because it feels ''juicier''

I think it's nice to have that difference between weapons, makes every weapon unique and each version has a certain feel to it.
But most players eventually use only one version of the weapon, the most powerful one. All the weaker variants usually get sold because of slots. And nobody wants to put effort and time into installing forma and leveling two same weapons of different variants, just because one is more powerful and the other is prettier. Basically it comes down between power vs aesthetics, why can't we have both?

I assume a lot of work goes into making these different details for each weapon version, but it's a shame that it kinda goes to waste since most players use only 1 variant.

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16 hours ago, (PSN)Raven-Ghosthawk said:

It's just a skin. Besides, Excalibur/Umbra...

not all variants are "just" skins with better stats take the quanta and mutalist quanta for example where firing behavior and alt fire behave differently and may use different animations. Vandals, Primes, maras, Wraiths, Prismas are upgrade/sidegrades where a model swap would function the same. 100% on board for those being able to use the base model.

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The line's originating weapon as a skin is just that. Like a regular Gorgon skin for the Prisma or Wraith Gorgons...or in your example, the base Quanta as a skin for the variants.

Bt, it might not work or make sense in reverse, so variant skin for the base weapon isnt covered.

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