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Are these 2 things broken or bugged???

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Hi guys I need to know if anyone else is experiencing these issues to confirm if there indeed broken & bugged or if it something else..

#1 I've been playing Warframe since last July & have deployed Reactors on 4 different planets 

However when DE released the unvault with the Titan Prime Extractor I've been using it ever since..

When reading the blueprint before building it specifically says it has a greater chance to retrieve rarer resources things like orokin cells nurel sensors morphics just to name a few..

Well I've deployed these every single day multiple times a day & have never once received any of the rarer resources above..

I've even deployed multiple extractors on planets with Orokin Cells & still to this day as of this writing have yet to have my titan extractor Prime retrieve one..

is anyone have issues with there extractors or Prime extractors not picking up rarer resources?? If this is a bug I would gladly report it in the bug thread but need to know from others 1st .. if this isn't a bug then I'd like to request that DE please release the Destilling Extractor Prime asap..

Also same thing occurs when it comes to breeding lotus kubrows I've hatched well over 100 eggs since I've been playing & have yet to get a lotus fur pattern let alone a bulky omega lotus chesa which is one I'm seeking for farming resources..

It's like they don't exist & I'm wondering if this is broken too because I'm an mr 25 & have yet to get any lotus fur patterns & it's upsetting me because i refuse to get ripped off by people in trade channel.. 

Can anyone verify if they still hatch from eggs randomly & if there's a secret to obtaining one without getting ripped off buying imprints in trade channels thanks guys..






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Check this: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Extractor

There's no difference in drop chance for the Titan or Titan Extractor Prime. It just has more capacity, meaning you'll get more of the item you would get. The Distilling Extractor Prime is different. It has a lower chance to get common drops vs the normal variant and a better chance to get uncommon. Rare droprate is unchanged.

Also I don't understand why people are craving orokin cells. These drop like candy from missions all over the place. For instance on Ceres you should get one or two every mission. Take a Smeeta Kavat with you and you will get even more. I have never farmed for these things and I got more than I know what to do with. I litterally was never ever short on these things. Even starting out.

Rare drops with extractors range from 2% with a Titan (prime) and 5% for a Distilling (prime). Those are extremely low. You're better off spending 2 minutes on a Ceres (among other planets) mission and picking up a bunch along the way.

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also if you are after the plannets rare drop ive tested and found that the boss mission have higher chances of having that resource so if you are after orokin cells do the boss fight not only do i find the containers have a noticibly higher chance of the drop but the boss also has a high chance to drop the resource

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14 minutes ago, HoustonDragon said:

It's very RNG. Personally, I tend to use the Warframe App when managing the excavators, since it's less hassle than zipping around the Star Map in game.

I've been using this too & no luck really disappointing 

I do love how they have it via app very easy & convenient I really wish DE would make it this convenient in game like they do in the app.. 

Still wish it would give me rarer resources like advertised..

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