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Combined Mods/Rifle Improvements


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So, after a lot of feedback DE decided to finally buff guns, which is great. One of those buffs will probably majorly involve mods. So, I decided I want to throw my hand in the ring with how that could be accomplished properly.

In comes Combined Mods. One of the major reasons guns are so underwhelming is the fact, that you pretty much use up all the mod spaces for the very basic mods. MS, Dam, Toxin, Cold, CC, CD and gone are 6/8 mod spaces and two are left for individuality.

So, why not turn certain mods into combinations of those, like a mod with both MS and Damage, direct Viral Damage, CC and CD in one mod. It would be a little thing to do, but I think it would make a great addition.

Also, pls add an augment slot that eliminates mod costs and Riven Slots. Augments often don't fit on the weapons/take up a slot for something better and Rivens with bad stats are often useless. 

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