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May 2021 Riven Disposition Updates

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On 2021-05-25 at 6:57 PM, Voltage said:

The performance hasn't been changed and the player usage won't either. All this does is punish invested Kronen Riven owners and makes people feel bad about being invested in weapons that sometimes overlap with what YouTube and Twitch promote to the target audience of the game.

I think we both know Rivens in general aren't really worth the price for such a miniscule improvement at low dispositions. And also that paying that much for a weapon that is inevitably going to have nerfs because of its popularity is a bad idea, that's more on you at that point.

The idea is to encourage people to use less popular weapons, but the Rivens themselves being an RNG-based mod buff is counterintuitive to this goal, not everyone has the platinum to invest into buying those Rivens to then use the weapon. (Because if you don't get a weapon you want the first instinct is to trash it and buy one you do want) 

I've not been a fan of them since I started using them, in all honesty, the most people use them for is to save a mod slot or to min-max a build beyond what is really reasonable for Steel Path, effectively introducing their own form of power creep rather than the intended adjustment.

I would prefer something akin to Helminth Infusions, a passive buff everyone has relatively easy access to, and rotates to allow people to use certain weapons more often (such as giving reload speed, magazine size, fire rate, multishot buffs, etc)

But seeing as DE can't afford to reimburse everyone for platinum spent on mods, kuva spent to reroll them, credits and endo to rank them, this flawed system is going to stay, so we're stuck with the monthly buffs/nerfs that aren't even accurate to usage too, because DE themselves are deciding to not nerf certain dispositions.


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