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Feedback: Ideas to improve Focus Disciplines. + other


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Energy Pulse:  
#1: energy pickups grant 75 additional energy. + Arcane Energize [MAX RANK]
#2: +500 Energy Capacity. [MAX RANK]

Energizing Dash:
#3: zone of energy for 10s. Allies passing through gain 5 Energy/s for 60s. [MAX RANK]

Inner Might:
#1 Ability Efficiency +75%. + Natural Talent Mod [MAX RANK]

Mind Step:
#1 +60% Warframe Speed. [MAX RANK]

Mind Sprint:
#2+24.2% bullet jump/aim glide wall latch + 275% element of your choice. + Motus Signal Mod [MAX RANK]

#1 Protective Dash: 
100% health and shields over 5s + immunity from dmg for 5s.+ heals every ally entity with health. <3 GG! [MAX RANK]

#2 Mending Soul: 
all revives are instantaneous. [MAX RANK]

#3 Mending Unity: 
Increases Affinity Radius by infinite. [MAX RANK]

#1 Void Spines: 
1000% damage taken is returned to the attacker. + Adaptation Mod [MAX RANK]

#2 Stone Skin: 
Increases Armor for Warframe by 1000 [MAX RANK]

#3 Basilisk Scales:
+1000 Shield Health + 1000 Standard Health +200% Shield Recharge. [MAX RANK]

#3 Void Shadow: 
2 energy/s [MAX RANK]

#4 Void Chrysalis: 
2 energy/s [MAX RANK]

#1 Phoenix Talons: 
+200% damage. [MAX RANK]

#2 Phoenix Spirit: 
+200% elemental damage. [MAX RANK]

#3 Void Radiance:
Consumes 0 Energy on leaving void mode to blind enemies within 10m for 5s. 10sec immunity on enemies affected by this afterward. [MAX

Magus Repair
+25% health & Shields + 5s immunity on repair. + heals all ally entities with health. GG! <3 [MAX RANK]

Melee Stances
Melee stances are merged into 1 mod - Twirling Spire has Shimmering Blight and Bleeding Willow merged into it - tap middle mouse button to switch to those stances. Shimmering Blight and Bleeding Willow are merged into 1 mod stance for a better combo.

Waframe Shield
a Shield for your warframe - effective while u are aiming your weapon as well & when u are not aiming your weapon - can be used to reinforce your warframe from enemy fire - Like a Riot Shield.

I strongly believe this would balance Focus Disciplines better for Steel Path end-game difficulty and beyond.


Please constructive feedback only please. Like ideas u think could help improve focus disciplines better not just posts that shoot something down they disagree with, plz thank you! <3



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19 hours ago, FURYDANCE said:

void spine 1000% is simply broken. I would prefer 100% times enemy level, like xaku's 2

what do u mean by that? the 100% times enemy level, xaku's 2? if u dont mind :)

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21 hours ago, (XBOX)C11H22O11 said:

What's this with making some of these broken and removing the spotlight from the operator in others. It feels like you're trying to make a joke or bait, it's not a good one

Im sorry i dont understand what u mean by that in this thread im thinking of suggestions to make the focus discplines more useful for steel path namely survival so the game can be more fun instead of just people playing vazarin or zenurik u cant even do mobile defense missions or defense misisons solo on steel path anymore solo since they messed with vazarin heals on anything but humanoid heals. i hope they reverse that nerf.

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5 hours ago, XJR15 said:

how so? 

Going over all of them would take a lot of effort, but for example:

On 2021-05-25 at 10:24 AM, XJR15 said:

#1 Ability Efficiency +75%. + Natural Talent Mod [MAX RANK]

It would take no less than 4 mods in a Warframe loadout to get what this 1 ability is providing. 

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are acceptable additions if the school tree is fragmented or increased to more augmentation nodes and each node costs one mastery point, that is, an MR30 player can only enable 30 nodes in each warframe loadout, each node will work as a modifier to amplify the waframe, tenno, weapon, or your equipment configuration focused on something specific.

the eidolon shards system is outdated and there are many players with overloaded stocks of focus points.

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Perhaps, it might be interesting to make the focus system modular, as has been done with railjack recently.
For example, the schools could be the mod aura and the various nodes of the mods that can be dropped by bosses and eidolons.
Thank you.

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