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Sidenotes for Blocked Contacts List


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Yeah for example, I find someone interesting trade chat or riven.market or anywhere else that I want to contact. But I appear to have ignored the person whose name nor reason I could not remember. It would help if there is a side note in the blocked contacts list so I can remind me why I ignored the person.

Despite obviously it can be a few reasons other than toxicity reasons but I really would like to remind myself why exactly and be like 'oh right' and then moving on. Also knowing the nature of ignore (both person ignores each other most of the time), I do not see unignoring as an option.

Thinking it over I cant think of it as something that contributes to anything positive the way friend list note does. Friend list note helps to remind me how me and this person met while ignore list note helps to remind me why I do not like this person? Could be to remind myself or you how ourselves were in the wrong during heated moments when reflected upon during chill times. But still I think it is an idea, any thoughts? 


Side note that you can choose not to read but still be relevant:

I don't know about you, but this is my perspective a person who thinks the ignore button is very rude when not expected so I am never the ignore first type because I do not want to be rude. It is probably comparable to how full caps lock is prohibited. For example when someone do not want a trade offer, doesn't say anything, just blocked me without a word. However that is a rarer case besides trash talk pm that are swiftly followed by hitting the ignore button.


Sub side note only chosen ones can read:

Is this an appropriate forum post? I have no idea which tags to choose this is my first forum topic. I'm bored and tomorrow is public holiday yay. 

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