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The Gradivus Dilemma Rewards.


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Before I create a ticket and get all jumpy, did anyone else not received their rewards for Gradivus event? 


I got excited to check out the weapons, but I haven't received anything yet.  I have 100+ mission and supported Grineer.


I got the emblem, but that's about it.


The game did get patched and I even bought the Vectis BP. (bing built as I type)  But no brakk or machete warith.


I rechecked this morning, but still nothing.


I can't be the only one.

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I'll check the inbox when I get a chance.  From what you guys have said, the event reward does not go automatically into the inventory?


That's all I did.  I just went to my inventory/foundary, and didn't find anything.


I'm at work, but I might check that out later when it's not too busy.


Hopefully, this is it. 


Thanks guys.

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Restarting the game should popup the inbox upon next login if there are unread messages with rewards.
It'll only show the latest reward, so if by chance you got the badge last you should see 2 other messages written in BOLD, click each and you're done!

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