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Unintended interaction between Cold Elemental Ward and Xata's Whisper/Magnetize


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Cold Elemental Ward reflects enemy fire back at them, while applying a 300% multiplier to the damage of said attacks.

Hitscan weapons affected by bullet redirecting effects, like the Scourge, Void damage procs, and Magnetize, are, for whatever reason, counted as enemy fire and have their damage converted to pure Cold and multiplied by 300%. This is extremely niche, but it's also superior to Vex Armor when it comes to damage: it's a flat damage multiplier applied after all damage calculations as opposed to a buff that's additive to Serration, on top of having higher values at base.

Personally, I don't think it's big enough of an issue to warrant reworking the way bullet redirection effects work, but I thought it'd be best to notify the dev team before bringing it to any actual missions and risking getting 2035'd.


"Performance" probably isn't the correct tag for this, but I couldn't think of any others that would apply.


Here is a video of the bug in action.

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