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Managing Energy



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Max out efficiency, without blind rage a rank 4 streamline and rank 4 fleeting expertise are good enough for that.

Get as much duration as you can fit, your shield size doesn't change with your ability range.

Get the x100 energy restores from the corpus energy lab in your dojo, time to farm poly!

Primed Flow is a good bet so you can actually fit all that pad energy, you will have to spam them less frequently.

Arcane Nullifier is pretty cheap compared to other arcanes, imo a must have unless you have someone on the team that prevents status effects (but that kinda doesn't work if you switch to operator IIRC).


Bonus points:

Bind a gear hotkey to energy pads somewhere where you can easily reach it, I got it on my mouse thumb buttons.

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Spam large energy pads.

Like actually quickly dropping one everytime you want to use an ability.

I believe faster groups doesn't even wait for the second pulse. If they need more they'll just drop another one and get energy from the very first pulse.

Spam it like you want it.

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14 hours ago, AliCaesar said:

Guys, im new at eidolon hunting. I have max Unairu Wisp but when i use it with volt dps, I run out of energy sooo quickly. Any suggestions? By the way, I don't have way bound passives. 1m focus dude.

Speed Hunts are the only place you really really want energy pads and as you can now get the largest pack without maxing the specific faction, just go to the clan lab and buy the x100 BP.

Then build and  bind it to F1 and your gear slot.


Otherwise, without Zenurik, or consistent enemies to do things to, the only other method for Volt would be to subsume dispensary and maybe equip a synth mod to let you always pick up orbs.

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