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Defense Stopped


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I was running a quick defense mission on Io to test my new Brakk, seeing as Callisto had no active parties.

It was a good team, but once we got to wave 6, the waves stopped.

No new wave started, no enemies spawned, and no enemy was left on the map.

It just stopped.

We waited for about 5 minutes before we stopped searching the entire map.


After a while, everyone expended all their energy as fast as they could.

The Ash used teleport, the Loki radial disarmed a couple times, the Ember was flying around with WoF, and I placed around a thousand bounces in a line spanning the entire map.

After that, the host left.

Once the host left, the wave "restarted". We fought all the mobs again, but it froze at the end, with no mobs left. We searched again, nothing.

After that, the Ember and the Loki left, and it was just me.

So, I ditched my energy once again before leaving.


Here is a screenshot, nothing on the map, nothing anywhere, wave 6.




In the end, I had to abort the mission, which left all my fusion cores in the dust.


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