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Maximum standing



Did DE just increased the standing by 1000? I swore it was 28,000 daily cap yesterday before I slept because I turned in 280 Mother tokens for Entrati standing.

Now I just woke up, and saw that it is 29,000 daily cap. And I did not rank up my MR.

What gives?

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Why is it so hard to read at least the newest Updates?

11 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

New Player Experience Changes: 

  • Increased the Daily Standing cap you get before including Mastery, slightly reduced the amount you get from Mastery. All players before MR 30 will have a higher Daily Standing cap than they used to, while players at MR 30 will have the same cap as before.

    • In addition to giving more room for Tenno to get to that final rank with their Syndicates, this will ultimately help reduce the time new players spend ranking up with their chosen Syndicates. Previously, if you were Mastery Rank 10, you would have a daily Standing cap of 16,000. Now, with the changes we’ve made, your daily Standing cap for MR 10 is 21,000.

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1 minute ago, Jemmies said:

I'm so sorry your highness

Don't take it personal. I browse the forums quite often when I have time and there are dozens of threads like this. I mean... The information is there. You just have to read them. But yet there are threads over and over again because people are just being lazy...

I like to help. I really do. But this is not helping. This is supporting laziness

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