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Ability lock outside of ESO


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Hi guys, with the new Gara Prime update I have started the grind for relics and encountered either a bug or a game mechanic I didn't know about.

To start off, I was doing the defense mission IO on Jupiter for the Meso P5 relic with Volt. This issue occurred twice on two separate missions. After using his 4th ability, it was locked for about 70 seconds in the same way as an ESO ability lock.

The series of actions performed were multiple void dashes, transference and finally the 4th ability to nuke.

Another thing to note is the issue occurred before the 5th wave and I also had more than 100 ability uses, close to 150. It would make sense if it was a game mechanic if you look at my skill uses but do let me know if it is or it's a bug

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