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Fishing is fishy af! Always suspected an issue!


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@[DE]Rebecca@[DE]SteveCould someone of you explain us, why the spawn system of the fish is bugged as hell since the release of PoE?

I always suspected something not working, as throwing out a bait not spawning ANYTHING was not enough, no, when you simply use your spear (be it the one from PoE, Fortuna or CD), fish won't spawn at all! On the other hand, while switching back to my weapons, everything keeps spawning as usual, if they ever want to spawn, as some area loadings (when entering the open world) are somewhat skipping the spawn logic of fish? As they never spawn, no matter what - with or without a bait - and this bug still exists since the beginning. This cannot be intentional. Make a loop or a check for the function, if it even has been initialized by the system or not!

This needs fixing. It is so stupid how many baits people are wasting for a mechanic which is clearly not working.

I am tired about farming for fish-mats. It is just no fun.

Have some more. Recordings from PoE initial release and few months later:





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When i encounter this i just keep switching between spear and weapon, holding the spear every time for a few seconds listening for spawns. It may take some tries, but it never failed me as long as i can remember.

But yeah, never throw bait until a fish has spawned, you risk losing most of its duration otherwise.

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