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WARFRAME端午节知识竞赛【Answer contest】

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warframe端午节知识竞赛于北京时间2021.6.14  20:00开始,在我的直播间,丰富warframe知识的同时伴随着白金以及游戏道具(裂罅MOD、赋能等奖励),比赛采取分数制,最高分第一以此类推。



  1. 题目总共16道题,有游戏内的各种知识,可能冷门,可能热门。最后有一道特殊题(特殊题目携带单独的奖励,先答对者获得)。
  2. 每道题有6分,第一个回答的3分,第二个回答的2分,第三个回答的1分。后面回答的不得分。
  3. 最终得分最高的前三名获得竞赛奖品,剩余的4~8名次的玩家可以获得参与奖励。
  4. 回答题目之前请确认自己在直播间佩戴好我的粉丝牌子,不然不算参与哦~
  5. 最终得奖的观众请在两周之内到鱼吧相对应的帖子下评论ID以及需要的相对应的奖品名称。



  • 第一名:【碎裂者双爆基伤紫卡一张】+【800白金】+【28的工坊皮任选一个】+【华丽组合包任选一个(或者300P商城的物品任选)】
  • 第二名:【600白金】+【275P华丽组合包任选一个(或者200P商城的物品任选)】
  • 第三名:【300白金】+【传说核心一个】
  • 参与奖:【60P的商城物品任选】
  • 特殊题奖励:【225P华丽组合包任选一个(或者150商城的物品任选)】
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The arframe Dragon Boat Festival Knowledge Competition started at 20: 00 Beijing time on June 14, 2021. The knowledge of warframe was enriched and accompanied by platinum and game props (RivenMOD, Arcane, etc.).

The competition adopted a score system, with the highest score being the first place and so on.


Rules of WARFRAME knowledge contest are as follows:

  1. There are 16 topics in total, which have all kinds of knowledge in the game and may be unpopular or popular. Finally, there is a special question (the special question carries a separate reward, and the person who answers correctly first gets it).
  2. There are 6 points for each question, 3 points for the first answer, 2 points for the second answer and 1 point for the third answer. Don't score the answer behind.
  3. In the end, the top three players with the highest scores won the competition prizes, and the remaining players with 4~8 places can get participation rewards.
  4. Before answering the questions, please make sure that you wear my fan badge in the live broadcast room, otherwise you will not participate ~
  5. The audience who finally won the prize should comment on the ID and the corresponding prize name under the corresponding post in the fish bar within two weeks.


The entry awards are as follows:

  • Champion: [One riven mod with double explosive base injury of ASTILA weapon], [800 Platinum] and [28 Workshop Skin] and [Gorgeous combination package (or props of 300P Mall)]
  • Runner-up: [600 Platinum] and [275P Gorgeous Combination Package (or 200P Mall props)]
  • Third runner-up: [300 platinum] and [one Legendary Fusion Core]
  • Participation award: [60P mall props are optional]
  • Special topic reward: [Choose one of 225 platinum gorgeous combination bags (or choose 150 platinum mall props)]
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