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Gaming Prime?



Good afternoon.

Has anyone figured out how to claim the new skins from Twitch/Amazon Prime? It was supposed to start today, but I can't find it on either Twitch or Amazon.

Console is having problems, but I'm on PC.

Thank you. 

Edit :   @[DE]Rebbecca help!

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I was confused aswell in the beginning, since there's been no real noticable information about this.

The dropsystem Is now using 2 different "systems". What does that mean you'll probably ask?

Basically the drop/reward system have been split between 2 websites, Twitch and Amazon.

Which means that the old system only using Twitch now uses 2 different linked account, Twitch Gaming and Prime Gaming.


TLDR: If your Twitch account Is already linked to warframe, you now need to connect your Amazon account. Go to warframe website, log in --> Account Management and simply follow the instructions for Prime Gaming In order to link your Amazon account.

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