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Can Someone help me choose between a River roll?



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Well they both suck for melee.  Melee are really hard to get rivens for.   I look for Crit DAMAGE, range, speed AND it has to be better than what mods can deliver. 

Crit Chance is next to meaningless if your using Blood Rush (it does help but getting crits is only half the math,  you still need to crit HARD.    Red Crits with low crit damage  Vs Orange crits with hella crit damage.....  i dont know which is better...)

24% attack speed is garbage,   quickening is 40% and adds to combo count.   Berserker is 75%.. 

24% combo count is decent,  but again this is only useful if your using Blood Rush (or Weeping wounds).  


So the best of those two turds mods would be the first one in my opinion.   Extra electric damage..   I'd either go pure electric build or  still mod for viral and then have that little bit of electric as bonus.  

If the only thing your modding for is a crit weapon any damage type will work, and it doesnt really matter what element it is because you wont be inflicting status affects. 

If your doing a hybrid Blood Rush+Condition Overload+Weeping Wounds where you are building crits AND status then elettric could be fun.  Electric Status stuns enemies.   For most enemies it wont matter, but for the big tough guys you will stun them and beat them to death.

For pure CO+Weeping which I dont like the more elements the better...    


But my advice is to keep rolling.    Crit Damage has to be 60%+ to bear Gladiator might.  (90%+ to beat organ shatter).   But if I rolled CD I would serious consider just going pure crit.  Organ+riven to hit like a freight train.  (But endgame still favors status damage). 

Speed needs to be 40-75% to possibly replace quick/berserk.  

Reach can cap around +3...  I wouldnt really REPLACE Prime Reach(who is also +3).   I would use them both so I can just clear rooms of enemies lol.   I have a pretty turd riven on my Duel Ether swords but it has range and it mows crap down in sorties and is a pretty fun weapon.

Blood Rush alone can get you to orange crits...  CC is when you really wanna reach red crits.    Buts its all about CC+CD combined...  on pure crit... 

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