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Insta-Death + Respawn Bug on Railjack missions


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It's the second time that, on Corpus Railjack Defense mission, I get insta-killed by I don't know what, without getting hit, (even with lvl.25 enemies or so - with a, I guess, good build lol) and I'm not able to respawn (though not having used a single respawn in a day). The game just keeps following the last player I spectated, HUD disappeared except for the Health bar saying "Dead". I sticked around until the end, it respawned me stuck in the mission but out of the lobby, and without letting me get back to the Orbiter nor quit. I had to close the game and restart it. 
Dunno if anyone else has experienced anything similar (PS4) 🙄

Update: 3rd Insta-Kill in 2 days.

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