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Vanishing Crew Member Issue


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Greetings Tenno,

We are currently investigating an issue that may be impacting a few players when dealing with the Railjack Crew. We’re not quite sure what’s causing the issue, or what players such as yourself may be witnessing as a result of the bug! We just know something bad happens under-the-hood. At this moment, we have yet to be able to identify which crew member is causing the issue and are unable to reproduce this scenario.

If you suspect your crew members are vanishing without a trace or notice anything odd while attempting to fill out your perfect Railjack roster, feel free to leave your findings below so we can rectify the situation and get you back to defending the Proxima sectors with your crew.


"It's tough staying alive out there, Stardust. This lot has a better chance of survival with you than without." - Ticker

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I had that happen some time ago while selecting weapons to my crew. One of crew went missing and I had to reload dojo to fix it.

IIRC it happened when tried to give the same weapon to 2 crew mates at the same time.

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I have this, esp. if I change something in them. Especially if I repeated (without letting the effect fully update allegedly). Changing things like appearance, messing up with weapon their weapon especially repeatedly I think, resetting and retraining. Can't supply screenshots, I do manage. unsure if replacing existing active NPC can cause it, or ditching and getting new ones etc, but also could be. A sign it might happen / something which may be related to if you change them and they lose description in contracts. if they (successfully?) had a mission and I didn't change anything, they at least normally don't disappear.


1st time it happened was long ago after I changed weapon back and force possibly multiple times (possibly similar to Buldozers's experience) and an NPC went off temporarily. It was supposed to be fixed after then (there was a note in some patchnotes) but no. They may also change their animation before this happens. going to mission may possibly reset the description disappearance, unnsure if temporarily or not, also I don't remember what resets their total disappearance but it could be either go to orbiter and back to dojo or relog, I thought it was related to an update issue (dojo's/railjack intreme mission's or alternatively before closing the railjack configuration screen, I seemed to have had other such regarding crew/scrap/armaments before), or (as a joke) I liked to think it's as if they are pissed off when you mess around with :)


Off course I'd like it to be fixed nevertheless, but as said I can handle this specific issue. I also note I like the railjack in general as solo player much (beside maybe at times encountering a mission breaking bug), and yes, I am aware it is bugged still.

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I forgot or didn't notice something else when I wrote the above, so will try to add this and write it all again:

after changing active slots' NPC, it still might show the stats and role of the previous NPC being put in that slot, possibly it also affects on-call visible status and inability to directly change (you can change it indirecly by choosing other NPC which is slotted already for on-call and then change it back to the one you want) - those until you close the railjack settings window on the research console.


Yes, this all seems to be linked to the (armaments and) crew members' screen and info update issue/dojo update issue possibly too, and also to crew disappearance issue which seems to be very linked to the screen/info update issue. This is also linked to crew members losing their description after any change done in the crew window's settings or to any crew members which were discussed in the post above, and this itself is allegedly a possibly precursor for disappearance if further change is made etc.

Issue is indeed allegedly fully reset (until the next time) though only after going to the orbiter. (it could be in some case I even had to fully relog but that I can't remember surely and anyway don't know if still applicable even if it was so possibly)


further info: as mentioned in other post it allegedly appeared long ago for the first time when changing weapon back and force, possibly the way the other player reported of choosing accidentally other crew member's weapon. It was not (fully?) solved albeit there was a patch in which it was supposed to be solved, and can manifest itself after changes in crew member's screen or any crew member, possibly escalating to disappearance after such a repeated change.

I have 5 NPC slots

I use warframe on linux (as a newbie)


Since this post was supposed to be as inclusive as possible, noting also:

ANY NPC CREW/CREW SCREEN CHANGE on dojo can cause it - including to crew members slots/stats/reset of trained abilities/appearance/chosen weapon (and unsure if upgrading it, but probably if done from crew setup screen on railjack configuration screen available from the research console of the DOJO which has all sort of update issue by itself) can cause the issue, and it tends to escalate if repeating making changes before closing the window or possibly even before going to orbiter - an action which seems to reset the issue until next time allegedly as it updates something fully.)

As a total speculation, this may be linked to other update issue of the railjack settings screen such as a potential armaments/components dojo update issue and possibly to inter-mission dojo update issue as well (a full update seems to happen only when going back to orbiter). While seems unrelated, and as a speculation as well, I'd also suggest checking why weapons/plexus and possibly even warframes can't be reliably re-modded in the dojo, at least after a railjack mission, and look into possible linkage between an energy starting amount while starting a railjack mission. Further speculating, this can, as some said, also be affected by full versus partial occupation of modding points, along with the effect of shared NPC plexus aura on the stats while in dojo and after a railjack mission before getting back to orbiter to totally update and close the mission including "resetting" of the item forged in that railjack session.

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