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Alternative to "Skill Wheels"


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We continue to acquire frames with more than one skill on a single skill button and the UI we have for utilizing them is cumbersome. Not only do you have to go through each intervening choice if you mess up and click one too far you have to go round the entire circle again.

So far we have:

  1. Chroma Elemental cycling
  2. Grendel Nourish
  3. Ivara Quiver
  4. Khora Venari
  5. Titania Tribute
  6. Vauban Minelayer
  7. Wisp's Resevoirs
  8. Xaku's the lost

Let me know if I missed any

My suggestion is to make a new menu overlay similar to how the gear wheel works. All of those abilities become tap to activate while the hold function will instead bring up a menu like this

4 skills bound to the 4 cardinal directions. Upon opening mouse snaps to middle of screen and you can move forward, left, right, or back to highlight the skill you want (on a controller left stick would fulfill this function) once you have your mouse over a skill you release the power button to swap to that skill then cast as normal.

Downsides: It will stop you from moving for a fraction of a second while you select the skill

Upsides: it's faster, easier, and you don't have to memorize what the symbols mean just the direction of the one you want to use.

Optional: Selecting a skill could also auto cast it, might cause some issues with aiming the skill though.

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