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Endurance Content Needs Progress Snapshotting


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I'll be blunt....Warframe is designed to be a grindy game. There are now many modes that encourage endurance gameplay, such as ESO, chained Bounties, etc

The problem is it's so easy to lose progress and rewards from these missions because the game is instable in certain situations, or someone leaves/disconnects causing a host migration that dumps everyone back to the orbiter.

I recently posted in performance about a crashing issue, and it's resolved itself to a degree that I can play most of the content and get things done, but I am losing tons of progress on endurance content because of random crashes or migrations. It's infuriating to lose 20+ minutes of your life because the game isn't designed to snapshot this progress.

Now I realize that some content snapshots like open world Fishing/Hunting/Mining, bounties, etc. It doesn't snapshot your affinity or drops though, just those rewards. If the technology exists within the game to snapshot every animal I tag and fish I spear, why can't we have occasional snapshotting of long form content like ESO, or open world exploration?

My suggestion is to register a snapshot at either existing intervals like Bounty rewards where applicable, or at say 5 minute uptimes in open world and endurance content.

I realize that there would be too much traffic to register every single drop in real time, but an occasional report could go a long way in providing stability for these game modes to people who may be running into unfortunate crashes or migrations that are largely out of their control and basically erase large amounts of their time invested. 

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