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Defection - how many squads are Rot B and C?




I'm doing the defection mission Caracol on Saturn for Harrow Systems. The missione has spawn points, named A-C, the wiki is telling me about Circles, and also about Rotations named A-C.

I'm confused. So the simple question: How many squads do I have to rescue to reacht the drop chance Rot. B and the drop chance Rot. C ?

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2 squads = 1 rot.   A A B C.   So you need to save 6 for B and 8 for C.    Harrow is in B and C.   So save 8 then bail and you will get 2 chances for harrow per run.

Its a good idea to have help just to make things easy.  

You want people to man each station so they can easily trigger the next squad of refugees,   You want one person acting as a runner to escort the people and keep them moving.   The runner should know to let the people heal up before moving on.     The people sitting on stations when not triggering the next wave need to be refilling their oxygen stations.  

Harrow is cool on his own.  But his ability Condemn is my favorite to spread around via helminth.   Its not for newbs and probably not for end gamers either lol  but  Shields+Adaptation+Arcane Barrier+Condemn = Shield Tank.

Condemn gives you overshields reaching 2-3k.  Adaptation builds up damage reduction that works on shields.   Arcane Barrier gives you the chance of getting back all your shields when taking damage which combined with the previous 2 things makes it pretty unbreakable.

Mag, Protea, Nekros, some others can be insanely fun shield tanks.  

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