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this is new . . . ?


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I noticed someone deployed a glyph, I seen someone drop an energy restore, I did 3 and been enable to deploy my archgun and specters in onslaught, seems to be a consistent thing.


awww sush a shame! I don't see why they should patch it out I had a blast with my archgun in there!!

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3 hours ago, (PSN)TONI__RIBEIRO said:

It's a bug, let's exploit it only for research of course. DE needs our help figuring this out.🤜🤛

Happy Italian GIF

Congrats. it took 2 hours after your post.


Gara Prime: Hotfix 30.3.2



  • Missed Change: You can now use Emotes in Sanctuary Onslaught missions!

    • We’ve also fixed the entire Gear wheel being usable - just Emotes, Simaris said so!


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1 hour ago, Tesseract7777 said:

They were trying to allow people to use the gear wheel just to use emotes in ESO, and they accidentally made the whole gear wheel useable

annnd its fixed, it was fun while it lasted but thanks for the info I did wonder!

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