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Coming Soon: Devstream #155 Monday @ 1:00 ET!

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Would you please consider revisiting and rebalancing the Plains of Eidolon Bounty Bonus objectives, which are sometimes practically impossible, for solo players in particular. 

- Killing 15 enemies to draw out the assassination target in less than 60 seconds is heavily dependent on enemy spawns which are often woefully insufficient. 

- Defending the Area and maintaining control levels above 50% has a similar issue, where enemies often spawn in abundance and linger on the periphery out of reach. Please consider either reducing the area size (akin to what you already have done on Deimos) or lowering the required control percentage. 


Also please consider changing the  uncommon forma blueprint reward from void relics to either 2x forma blueprints, or a built forma, to reflect the rarity when compared the the common forma reward. It makes no sense for them to be the exact same. 

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Can you review/update the arbitration rewards? Some of the rewards need to be shifted to the Hexis vendor store (especially seeding step ephemera which I have 23 of!)

Any progress updates on making the Bishamo Operator outfit gender neutral? My female operator needs those chicken legs which are only available for men. 



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Water themed Warframe related question:


Any plans to update Sharkwing/swimming? Doesn't make much sense that space weapons (which would operate with 0 drag or resistance) would work better underwater than, say, bolto or boltor weapons. Wouldn't it make more sense for sharkwing to work a little more like Atmospheric archwing (except maybe slowed down - both for projectile speeds and for overall movement)? Adding a couple cosmetic animations for sharkwing (such as kicky swimming legs) would also be pretty cool. 

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Can we bring back Lich's backbreaker animation? Loved how it looks, thought it was such a waste to just scrap it.

oh and instead of trading, can there be another way of getting rid of converted Lichs? Stock piling Lichs is kinda troublesome when literally no one wants them.

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33 minutes ago, (PSN)IndianChiefJeff said:

I have multiple concerns that I wish will be addressed, if not during the devstream, then in the imminent future.


First off, where are the faction syndicate operator suits? It baffles my mind that the Vent Kids got them long before the main six.


Secondly, since the team has been making Warframe quests, I believe that we're still owed quests relating to the Arbiters & Steel Meridian. The Arbiters derive many parallels from the Red Veil regarding their admiration of the Tenno, they deserve to be fleshed out & they deserve their own Harrow of sorts. With the Steel Meridian quest, we could possibly receive the Grineer counterpart to Protea; a Warframe intrinsically linked to the Twin Queens & their militaristic brutality.


Thirdly, I beg of you not to give up on the Leverian! Its simplistic nature has charm to it, almost reminiscent of the Prime trailers. Regardless of how big or little the lore implications seem to be, I still derive enjoyment from Drusus & his stories.


My fourth point is a simple request; provide us with a unique slot for On Call crewmates. Allow us to choose between whoever we've recruited instead of limiting it to just one of the three active crewmates.


A fifth point of contention revolves around two unique weapon skins, the Manticore Scindo skin & the Fragor Brokk skin. These are the only two weapon skins in the game that have stats tied to them, and it seems like an oversight not to turn them into legitimate weapons.


Finally, I believe it's time to address the issues revolving around the Kingpin system & Valence Transfer. Valence Transfer as a concept is executed wonderfully in Railjack, the same cannot be said for the Kingpin system. Due to the lengthy process of acquiring & dispatching nemeses, we need to make major adjustments to the system in order to add more depth & speed up the process. Valence Transfer is the only feasible method of upgrading weapons & changing their elemental bonus, but there should never be just one method towards perfection, correct? I believe that unique resources like Kuva should be used in these scenarios. As for Requiem mods & relics, I'm perplexed at the decision to make the mods an uncommon drop given that these relics exist because of the mods. If you aren't going to make these mods permanent, at least make them common drops, maybe even provide an entirely new method to acquire them. The Entrati family & the Requiems have a deep connection, we should tap into that potential. The wildcard mod will mean next to nothing if the other mods are still far too annoying to acquire. Now, let's address the murmur grind. It's a dull, mundane process that takes way too long when you run solo. If you aren't going to reduce the amount of murmur progression required, at least allow successful nemesis mission runs to provide a decent amount of progress on par with a Parazon stab. Maybe even provide sensible applications of progression, such as an ounce of progression when you hack into a spy vault without tripping alarms, capture a target or defend a terminal. The gameplay should be used to tell a story, one revolving around a deadly game of cat & mouse, not some monotonous slaughterhouse that we've grown accustomed to. And did I mention the fact that the Liches still lack moddability or skill points when you finally do acquire them as crewmates?

Vaas Montenegro's quote on insanity is poignant when describing the many, many problems of Warframe. If success is defined by the amount of hours you've made your players waste doing the same thing over & over again, then you run the risk of stagnation. All I ask for is innovation, improvement & dedication to balancing grind with rewarding gameplay. Enough of the shallow schlock already!

Dev is not about to read all that 😂😂😂😂😂

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Hi DevTeam

I have a question about the steel path and especially about the excavation missions because it's the "only" mission and on all excavation missions where the objective to defend is level 1 so it doesn't last very long against level 130 enemies and so I'd like to know if there would be a rework of the excavation missions in steel path


Thanks in advance

A pleasure to play the game  😀

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What is the current plan for the modular Archwings that were shown in one of the Devstreams?

Will we see more Railjack ships? By that I mean if we will have an option to use Grineer, Corpus, Orokin or even other Tenno "Railjack class ships", outside of the default one?

And lastly, are there more plans for the Parazon? Cause as it stands right now, it is rather... underused, and it would be pretty cool to see it used outside of Parazon finishers.

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51 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Devstream155_Yareli_Monday.jpgHi Everyone!

We are doing a special Monday Devstream on May 31! Big things are coming! Join us for our last Devstream before both our next Major Update Sisters of Parvos AND Tennocon 2021 on July 17!

Watch the Devstream to be the first to see Yareli in action! This aquatic darling will be sure to steal your heart (while destroying your enemies). We’ll be doing a deep dive into all things Sisters of Parvos, and share some parting words as we look toward TennoCon 2021!

We’ll also be going over community questions - post them in this thread! We’re locking things Monday at 10:00 ET!

Join us on twitch.tv/warframe and earn a Requiem Mod - which of the 8 Requiems will it be? Fate will decide!

See you Monday, May 31 @ 1:00 PM, Tenno!

Nintendo Switch Tenno who want to watch from their portable console can do so by installing the YouTube app for free at the Nintendo eShop. Head to the Warframe YouTube channel when we're live to tune in!

NYCE! at 1 pm you say?

Question...and this is a big one.
When are the Tempestarii main guns going to be UN cutting-room floored?  There was a vague and off-handed non-answer last devstream.😡
To the Dev's: back that barge up and explain WHY it was cut.  Also, it would be Christmas, Spring break and winning the platt-lotto if you brought them back as a...say... quest reward?
Just saying.


Otherwise, looking forwards to seeing you on the screens Monday afternoon.😁👍

Stay safe.
Keep the faith.
...and as always; keep your Skanna sharp, Tenno


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Posted (edited)

How much longer until intermission ends??

Any updates on Nyk Prime & Valkyir Prime Accessories?

Any plans for new vandals & wraith weapons? Detron Vandel Jat Kattag Wraith Twin Garkata Wraiths or Prisma Twin Garkatas? Clem Clem..

Will we see the return of psn exclusive packs id love to see old obsidian items + new ones return... 

Any plans for old events & there rewards to return?

Will the new prime gaming drops Finally Allow those of us who missed out get a 2nd chance to redeem the Avia Prime Armor?? & more??? 

Any chance we can get new resuseable blueprints for like Clem? Forma's

Lastly any chance we can finally get a toggle Prime details on skins that ain't dex? Or tennogen?? & if we can have our Warframes hold Malee weapons in Samuri Style just like in Gara Prime access pic??? 


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