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Could We Get the Option To Sort Quests Chronologically?


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Could we have the option to sort quests chronologically (based on their release)?

(Maybe have a secondary dropdown where you can order quests by Name, Release Oldest First, and Release Newest First.)

I remember when I was a new player and I was working through the quests that they seemed very disjointed. I couldn't tell if I was doing them in an order that made sense because characters would be introduced that I figured I must have missed in a different quest that introduced them.
I thought the new sorting options would fix that, but it is still a random order in each category.

As a now veteran player, I find myself wanting to go back and play through the quests from the beginning just for fun, but I would rather just be able to easily do it in game instead of having to look on Google or the wiki for the release order.

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