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Veil Proxima, Arc Silver Defence mission: Affinity gained with Necramechs is displayed wrong; Being in the 4th ability of Voidrig is counted as inactive


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While playing the Veil Proxima Arc Silver Defence mission my friend and i noticed two bugs. As i have stated in the title, using the 4th ability of Voidrig for 1-4 waves and finishing one Rotation (for example, starting the 4th ability after finishing the 7th wave and completing the rotation (wave 10) )  results in losing the reward due to inactivity. The second one is that affinity gained on Necramechs and Archguns (possibly also Warframes and equipped weapons) in Arc Silver defense is displayed wrong: The mission progress interface will display the Necramech and Archgun being level 30. After finishing the mission though, my necramechs level is only at 22 ( my friend's is at level 23 and his archung at level 29).

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