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Revolite and solo playing


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First I apologize for my language, I am not a native speaker and this topic was especially difficult for me to phrase. To the point:

I've noticed around after the 30.3 or possibly some hotfix patch later, that a full repair by the solo player, at least while the NPC (alive and able to fix and yet) not present there, now costs 100 revolite. I think this is not the behaviour which we had before the patch. Note that it wasn't a must for me to fix that by myself then but I still did and noticed the cost.

We start with 100 revolite. (not 300 as before, but each craft fills it and adds an amount beyond previous full value, for all players at once.) Each craft made by me fills revolite and adds 22 for all (however as noted, I play mostly solo hence the only crafter). We also start with 2 dome charges (which fills totally for all on each craft and also adds 1 more for all then likewise, but then again I speak of solo play in which the player is the only crafter around). NPC won't craft, (at least as of now) it's known. We can have 4 stands on the forge, almost 8 practically when able to use the (long CD) fully upgraded relevant tactical mod. It's a lot, but those have cool down off course.


This may means a mod to reduce the revolite costs by 40.5% when full, is probably newly almost forced.

Personally I have also a NPC crew disappearance bug which leads me to go back to orbiter at times just in case for having the issue reset, instead of staying in dojo for another railjack mission. I can handle the NPC disappearance issue by itself but now with the crafting requirements it becomes a bit too much for me.


Please change something in this scenario, it becomes harder to do railjack missions this way. I don't know if level 10 engineer would cost 100 revolite or would cost revolite at all, but still wanted to note the above and ask for a reconsider.


P.S. I have many short freezes after the patch which were not present that way before. I hope it will be fixed too.

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15 hours ago, Hobie-wan said:

I haven't played any RJ for a few weeks since I don't need anything from the missions, but there is this:


Obviously if revo usage has gotten messed up it needs fixing.

I knew about the mode, but there was a short living bug (allegedly) and it caused an issue and that's why my post was written.

However, the issue was allegedly SOLVED in 30.3.3 patch - now it again costs 25 revolite to manually fix, instead of 100 which was the initial amount.


Thanks for answer and to DE for fixing the issue. The topic can be closed from my side as the issue not longer presents.

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