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Show your Gara Prime Upgrades/Mods and Build Idea :)


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I am curious how you guys play the Glass Waifu.

I mainly play her as a caster frame wiping low level maps with the Wall and running high level maps with the Splinter Storm. So i focus on good efficiency, decent duration and decent range. I also use the Eclipse Helminth since it synergies awesome with Gara.

  • In Light i get crazy damage boost 200.000 Damage with Wall explosion and also stun/blind nearby enemies with Gara Passive.
  • In Shadows i get crazy tankinnes. (0,2419 (armor)  ×   0,1 (adaptation)  ×   0,1 (splinter storm)   ×   0,25 (eclipse) = 1.653 Health Multiplyer -> 1020*1653 EHP = 1,7mio EHP)



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My current setup is this thing, which uses gloom to stay alive. The melee is a bit of a hybrid stat stick setup since i wanted it to work passably as a melee weapon as well. Its still a work in progress however but the simulacrum testing ive done was promising.

Gara Prime Build - Gara Prime Gloom 1.0 - Overframe

Dakra Prime Build - Dakra prime Statstick-hybrid - Overframe

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