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Kuva larvling instant mercy... bug? or oversight


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This bug occurs when you press or hold x straight after killing a Larvling while standing near them, instead of needing to hold down the button to confirm its the one you want, instead it instantly plays the mercy animation and spawns the lich.

This is a problem when you're farming the Larvlings for specific weapons on capture missions as you need to press x to capture the target, then you need to kill the Larvling and wait for the weapon to show. Instinctively for me at least when I down a marked target I press x as I'm going past them which then spawns a lich, that I then have to spend 3 hours deleting wasting hours of my time. This is most likely due to them having similar coding to the Kuva Thralls which need to be able to be mercied instantly. I farm liches almost as my main thing currently so spawning a lich that I don't want is really aggravating.

To me the fix for this would be to make it always a hold down the button to spawn it, or have a small period of time where you cannot mercy the larvalings,

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