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Frametime spikes / Small stutters


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Played warframe for 1 month, completely smooth, no problems or anything as a group of friends

since 2-3 days we all started experiencing small stutters ( its very noticable when swapping rooms / going in out of building s) but generally no matter what it will occur every 10 sec or so

I must insist that you dont come with the ususal "bad pc, update gpu driver" as this affects a group of us (4-5) and i also saw many forum posts lately since last updated, something deftinately broke on this last patch/hotfix, for alot of users, and hope you will look into it.

(In case you still really think its "our" fault", i havent touched drivers, updated or anything else since started playing warframe, every other game is perfect with my 3080/10900k 1440p/165hz(capped162 for gsync). 

Hope you will look into last few hotfixed and how it did something to performance!

Please excuse my formatting and grammar/language.


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