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Gara Prime: Hotfix 30.3.3


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7 hours ago, Memic said:

Prophet taker bounty still about octavia relics 


You do realize that the open world bounties are always a rotation behind...right?


This has been SOP (standard operating procedure) for basically as many cycles as we've had them.  The very narrow range of potential relics, combined with getting them radiant, pushed DE to make them one rotation behind quite some time ago.

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Posted (edited)


Gara's wall is two colours - the original one when close to the defence target(in this case Helene on Saturn) and my own colours(black from the most black available)
So the thing I did before so people are not annoyed when using gara on defence missions no longer is viable(to make her glass colour black so everything is visible, not the bright yellow of the default)
It burns my eyes and everyone else.
It's worse - I talked to other tenno with me, they see only the bright yellow.
I'll test other maps to see if it's only helene.

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When will the ability to change the color of the flame of a firearm be introduced? So far, it shoots with a yellow flame (as a rule), although the color of the energy may differ (purple, blue, green, etc.) (Sorry for my lousy English, I use a translator)

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On 2021-05-28 at 6:02 PM, -LordDarky- said:

Imo they don't need a buff, they need. Gimmick to make them fun like pyrana prime 

So they release a few primes with gimmicks or abilities (what ever term you want to use) but then put out more prime gear that is way too normal or isn't really that interesting out of looks. Tenora Prime, eh... Pandero Prime, eh... Volnus, it's an axe that cuts you... 
Gear what is likable and lovable has something that is unique to it. Soma Prime can forever hold the standard assault rifle slot, what ever. But for Tenora to come in with a prime variant and its basically a tiberon without a burst and swapping mode function just wont do. 

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So....that was definitely a developer stream.


Let me go through what I can offer as feedback from my position.

1) The Kuva Hek is literally just a standard kuva reskin.  It'll introduce with a riven disposition that makes it worthless to have a riven for at least 90 days.  DItto with the Grattler and the other one....so I'm not seeing anything here to pique my interest given that this means a 15 forma minimum investment to get weapons that are likely to be unable to compete with what we already have.  

2) The new stuff will be tied into the Granum void.  Oh goody.  It only took about a year for it to be slightly more than a grind.  On top of a grind.  On top of RNG.  You'll be adding in what is basically a Zanuka fight...so...yeah.

3) Speaking of...we'll have to grind out another resource to purchase weapons from another store.  None of these weapons have listed powers or strengths....so I'm going to assume that they are likely going to be more fodder weapons.  I assume this because despite everything else you showed nothing about the build-your-own companion bit.  This screams that everything is going to be crunched into the shop, and be another syndicate standing style grind.  It'll rest well with the Ostrons, Quills, Solaris United, Little Duck, Vent Kids, Loid, The Family, Cephalon Simaris, and syndicates.  Yeah....after listing those out I realize that I only care about the syndicates for relic packs and Simaris for blue prints whenever a new piece of content releases....ouch.

4) Finally....let's talk the new frame.

I want to joke that you're tying new content to the absolutely least worthwhile piece of content released with Fortuna.  The defenders of the faith will retort that you've claimed that the vent kids will soon be doing more.  They're wrong...because every time this claim has happened in the past we've received token "more."  That said, I'll let that lie.  Let's review why a k-drive isn't worth using.  It's slower than an archwing.  It's bound to surfaces, and you can be dislodged.  Until recently it removed the ability to use guns....and now it locks you to using a secondary.  Finally, it levels up by doing tricks.  These tricks preclude anything else....and amounted to stopping the space ninja game for a bad clone of the SSX series of snowboarding.  Are we about to get a frame that will require several hours of grinding out tricks to level up their board...so that they can have a movement option that fails to be as agile as standard tenno and fails to be as fast as archwing?  Ohh....but you can also grind the crap out of tricks to incrementally make the board better....if you plink down a bunch of forma.

Let me make this clear.  Ability one is a copy of the Cedo.  Win.  Ability 3 seems to be a self centered rotary blade.  Maybe interesting.  Ability 4 seems to be Zephyr's Tornado, but singular, inverted, and bigger.  Hmmm....  Is this a DPS frame?  Is it crowd control?  Does the complete lack of efficacy and low count of enemies have me looking at it and simply asking how many Grendels this game can support?  Yeah....I'm not sure if I have enough give a crap left to be hyped about something coming out almost three years too late for the band wagon.




You know, instead of a frame focused around a k-drive how about:

1) We get dual wield nikanas

2) We get the ghoul saw

3) We get pets 2.0

4) We get improved guns that aren't just "we can't figure out how to balance slash so let's introduce a mod to force slash procs from non-slash weapons."

5) So the last fun bit....how about we see anything for the veterans of the game.  Anything.  Everyone's going to get some credits....because new players bemoan the grind.  Low level players are getting their standing rebalanced, so they don't have to grind like older players, but older players are seeing no benefit at all.  Nightwave is going to drag on basically forever....because the one opportunity to add new content consistently is being overlooked because the lead weight of basic aura mods and catalysts/reactors are also being shoved into it as core rewards.  More slightly challenging content is being trivialized by the newest content....because mechs basically curb stomp eidolons and orb mothers despite being "dumb" and inefficient compared to the tenno....because.  Can somebody please find DE's headquarters, and deliver to them a dictionary.  Somehow it seems like they're speaking english....but somehow they seem not to know the definition of words.

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