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Acolyte replacing my secondary with his own


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Mission: Steel Path, Deimos, Terrorem

I was playing Wisp with a loadout of Proboscis Cernos, my Catchmoon that i named Catchsun, and Halikar Wraith. Around the 30th minute, the acolyte Torment appeared. I activated Pax Bolt using catchmoon and went for the kill after my teammate Khora ensnared the Acolyte. Suddenly, my secondary changed. From Catchmoon, it became the Acolyte's secondary Akvasto. I confused since i didn't even have an Akvasto in my equipment, the weapon is even ranking up throughout the mission. I'm still playing the said mission while I'm typing this since we're farming for Steel Essence and I still have the Acolyte's Akvasto with me

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