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Kuva ogris include ogris varient can sometime deal self damage... this include can destroy objective and teammate when happen.


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Since Self damage from weapon are remove and replaced it with self staggered... some of weapon still can bug and deal self damage... one of weapon are kuva ogris.

i not sure what trigger this bug to happen but seem it randomly happen when u shoot it.

this self damage can damage both of owner of kuva ogris ....objective or even other player in their area make it not reliable to use if have to defense objective or need to stay alive in mission.


from this link u can see my baruuk take cosorive proc that no other enemy can deal it in this mission also my objective instant down by it..

on my baruuk he not down as shield gate still protect him from 1 shot-kill but it take all his shield and deliver corosive proc to myself.

Ofc if i use it on another frame it mean that warframe will die by it.

( I not sure this happen because of install primed surefoot or not i will try to investigate on it later :) )


Thank you.

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Happens to me also with the Kuva Ogris, it seemed like there were always some eximus unit proccing electricity involved when i died so i tested that theory in the simulacrum with a bunch of eximus units and yep, after recieving an electricity proc. and firing a few rounds in the ground i died. I also tested with and without Nightwatch Napalm but it made no difference.

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yep after i tested seem its true... it likely chance to get self damage if u get electricity status.... kinda wierd how it very specific for this one... and mostly it proc self damage like when electricity proc nearly runout also.

 Edit : nah seem it not matter ... as long as u get electricity proc it likely chane u will get self damage no matter how long u take it. please DE fix this i really want to enjoy on my kuva ogris without worry :(

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