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Physx Glitching Nvidia Gtx Cards?


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So for the last few days Ive noticed that the particle effects in game have greatly diminished. Ive downgraded and upgraded my drivers, reformatted my harddrive and it doesnt make a difference and I know its not my graphics card as Ive tested out other games with Physx and they work fine. Is anyone having this kind of trouble with any nvidia gtx cards?? Im running a gtx 770 with the new 331.65 driver.

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I have also noticed weird glitching and diminished particles with warframe's PhysX lately. I am running two evga ftw 670 Sig 2's  in SLI(they're basically the same design as your card, except with less driver support). The actual PhysX effect animations seem like they are running at very low framerates like 15fps instead of the 60fps or whatever they used to run at. The lackluster is only noticed in the actual particle effects themselves, not the game.

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