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Summer's Here!! Time to Remote Play on iPad!!


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Really like the improvements to Remote Play! One small critique is some of the UI is either too small or too thin or faded to see on Remote Play. Went thru PoE to mine some Nyth Sentirum and noticed... well didn't notice the new white diamond around the mining node. I had to move left to right and really REALLY Squint to see it. Not sure how many other UI elements are too small thin or transparent to see in Remote Play. Can we get the box around the nodes to be a little thicker and more opaque? Maybe 4x as thick 2x as bright? Maybe a quick check to see if other UI elements might need a little TLC for remote play? Really looking forward to some poolside Warframe... I'm Canadian gotta get my Vitamin D for the few weeks of Summer that are possible. Heck it snowed in Toronto on May 28th!!!! Please save my 5 days of Summer!!!!

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