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Content Idea: The New War, completely overhauled


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This is a truly MASSIVE idea for a total overhaul of The New War questline. I'll be updating this over time, adding new parts. Credit to Almighty_Jado and anyone who contributed to his Legion of Tau; The Undying Crusade megathread for the concept.

The Catalyst at the Threshhold

To unlock this quest, the players must have a Railjack and must have completed The Sacrifice, have enough Intristics to access Veil Proxima, and maybe access to an archwing variant of the operator form. It basically turns the cutscenes in the New War questline and the Jovian Concord into a full-blown quest.

QUEST OBJECTIVE 1: Investigate your living quarters. 

The operator heads to their quarters, and what follows is a carbon copy of Chimera Prologue. (Yes, I copy/pasted the entire next paragraph from https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Chimera_Prologue)

In the Orbiter's Personal Quarters, The Man in The Wall sits on the plinth that carries the Lotus' headgear, donning it with a sinister laughter before vanishing and returning the helmet. Approaching the headgear and touching it will transport the Tenno to Lua. After loading in, the player will be dropped onto Lua. They must follow The Man in The Wall, who continues to wear the Lotus' headgear. Three times during the chase, The Man in The Wall will trap the Tenno inside of a barrier, forcing them to fight shadow-like reflections of the Lotus. The Tenno are lead through the Reservoir and into the Chamber of the Lotus, where they encountered the Lotus and Ballas during Apostasy Prologue. At the end of the chamber is a portal that the Tenno must enter. The portal takes the Tenno to a chamber of Sentient design. In this sequence, the player will no longer have control over their character, instead using the fire button (LMB ) to Void Dash to certain spots indicated by a glowing light. At the end of the chamber, the Tenno spots Ballas, now Sentient-turned, lamenting the loss of his narcissistically beautiful Orokin body and curses the Lotus for her deception. Ballas' eye suddenly glows, which he implies to be the Lotus' vision. The player must stay out of Ballas' sight by using numerous Void Dash points around the room. If he catches a glimpse of the player, a bar at the top center of the screen will decrease. If the bar empties, he will spot the player and the mission will fail. As Ballas rambles, several metal fragments fall in place in the middle of the room. Upon realizing the presence of the "devil", the pieces come together to form a sword and Ballas instructs the player to take the "Sentient Slayer" for their upcoming war, before looking away. As the Tenno dashes and grips the sword, Ballas abruptly turns to face them and the Lotus' whisper calling for the Tenno can be heard.

Immediately following that, the operator finds themselves back in the orbiter, as if everything that had happened was nothing but a vision. Ordis asks if the operator is okay, and the Operator responds that they're fine, and asks Ordis to check the foundry. Ordis is confused by this request, as no recent blueprints were acquired, but does so anyway, and is suprised to find the blueprint for the Paraceis just sitting in the foundry, as if it was always there.

QUEST OBJECTIVE 2: Craft the Paraceis.

The Tenno must assemble the Paraceis to continue. The 1000 Ducats in the blueprint are replaced with 1 forma.

QUEST OBJECTIVE 3: Investigate Sentient Signals.

Once that's assembled, Ordis tells the tenno that he's detecting sentient energy signatures on Ganymede, but it seems... different, somehow. The Tenno heads down to investigate. 

When the tenno reaches ganymede, Ordis mentions that the readings are really strong here. The operator responds that they don't see any sentients, right before a Amalgam MOA walks in. The Operator asks what the FORK are those, and Alad V responds, explaining that they're his newest 'enterprise'. Alad V then thanks the tenno for showing up right in time to test them out.

A disruption mission begins, and Ordis notices a backdoor in Alad V's communication system and accesses it in hopes of using it to listen in on Alad V. Alad V pops up on screen again once ordis accesses the backdoor. He explains that he intentionally left that backdoor in order to communicate with the Tenno. He explains that he knows how the sentients reached the Orokin system, and that he can show the tenno a way to follow them back in order to reach the Tau system. And all they need to do for him is get rid of a certain flying freak...

Once 1 round of disruption is complete, the Tenno is directed to get to extraction.

QUEST OBJECTIVE 4: Investigate this 'flying freak'.

Back on the orbiter, Ordis questions Alad V's trustworthiness, and the Tenno admits he shares Ordis's doubts, but states that Alad V is their only lead. A quest marker shows up on the now-unlocked Ropalolyst mission on Jupiter.

QUEST OBJECTIVE 5: Destroy the Ropalolyst.

This part of the quest matches The Ropalolyst mission almost exactly, with one exception. When the ropalolyst is successfully destroyed and the platform collapses, the second New War Scene, Erra, plays.

After that, the Tenno land on part of the destroyed wreckage of he platform, ready for extraction.

QUEST OBJECTIVE 6: The Threshhold

Once the mission is complete, Alad V thanks them for destroying the Ropalolyst, and hands over a Threshhold key via Inbox message. Alad V then goes into how the Sentients reached the orogin system.

Instead of using solar rails, they constructed a massive device that could warp the fabric of spacetime, and punch a hole between one part of that fabric and another. They called this device 'the threshhold'. However, the sentients took several precautions with it, knowing full well that if they could use ity to reach the origin system, others could use it to reach Tau. Firstly, they ensured that to access it, you had to have a threshhold key. Alad V salvaged the one he gave to you off the Ropalolyst's corpse. And secondly, they left a guardian; a fifth type of Eidolon known as the Catalyst. 

A new sentient structure appears in the center of Veil Proxima, on the Railjack starchart. A node is attached to it; it's called the Threshhold. And there's a quest marker on it. 


The Threshhold is a railjack mission, and it takes place in a tunnel-like expanse of flowing Veil-fog. The player is instructed to fly deeper into the tunnel. Eventually, they reach the catalyst.

This is an eidolon fight that takes place entirely in space, and conbines elements from every eidolon battle to date, applied to the depths of space. In order to progress, the player must destroy the catalyst. Once that is done, the player is instructed to fly towards the light that has appeared at the end of the Veil-fog tunnel.

Once they reach it, the third New War cutscene, The Maker, plays. After it finishes, the railjack emerges from the tunnel and into the atmosphere of the sentient homeworld, on Tau.

Continued Below...

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The Sentient Homeworld

Welcome to the sentient homeworld, an alien world home to the sentients. Tread lightly, Tenno. You are not welcome on this planet.


These are a rebel group of sentients who have asked a simple question; if the old war is over and the orokin dead, then WHY THE ABSOLUTE FORK ARE WE STARTING A NEW WAR?! This simple question has made them deeply unpopular with their kin, hence why they live in a huge sentient tower, far above the planet's surface and connected to it only by a high-speed elevator. Need I mention that the tower is under near-constant assault by a small army of Hostile Sentients. 

These guys see no reason to fight you, since the war is over, and thus are the closest things the tenno have to allies out on Tau. 

Here's a rundown of the major members.


'Grettings, noble tenno. Welcome to our admittedly shabby adobe.'

The ringleader of the Enclave, Warstalker is the main provider of bounties, and the one you talk to when you wish to increase your standing with the Enclave. She uses formal language whenever speaking, and makes frequent use of fancy words.


'Thanks for the purchase. And be safe out there.'

Conduit crafts and provides weapons and equipment for the Enclave. You can get blueprints for sentient weaponry such as the Basmu from him, and blueprints for sentient-designed kitguns and zaws. He uses casual language in conversation, and is fairly friendly and outgoing.


'Acquisition [of these] devices [will] enhance [your] efficiency.

Wolfbreaker is the head of mining in The Enclave, and provides mining tools and recipes for refined ores. He sounds like a robot when speaking, his language being simultaneously complex and concise. 


'Want a conpanion, ally, friend for life? Look no further! My creations are EXACTLY what you're looking for!'

Spiritthief is the one responsible for Conservation on Tau, and sells components for modular Sentient Companions, in addition to various conservation supplies. He's energetic, exciteable, and extremely friendly.


'I'm Niko; professional sentient-hunter, master survivalist, and apparently the quill representative here on this voidforsaken planet.'

Niko is a fellow operator who you rescue in The Survivor mission. He only appears in the Enclave's tower after you complete his quest. He has a separate standing system from the rest of the Enclave, and provides elite bounties. He also provides amps, cosmetics, and arcanes for the operator. 


This planet is unlike any other the tenno have visited. Every 50 minutes, for 10 minutes, the sentient terraforming engines activate and the planet enters a state of flux; icebergs melt, volcanos emerge, cave entrances open and close. The end result is a open world map that changes every hour.

Sentient structures dot the landscape; some on the surface, some underground. Sentient enemies regularly emerge, following predetermined patrol routes. Memorising these routes will allow you to avoid those patrols with relative ease.

And then there are Eclipselysts, massive spherical sentients which serve as living terraforming engines. They are almost invincible, and must be taken down in special Elite Bounties provided by Niko, much like the Orb Mothers of the Orb Vallis.

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Tenno Reinforcements

This update blings a slew of new weapons and equipment, mostly sentient-themed.


This living Infested/Sentient rifle draws power from those it slays. For every kill, it's damage increases by 5 percent. Hitting alt fire launches a death beam that does 5000 damage per kill, but strips away all kills.


This sentient-designed greatsword is suprisingly light, and has a far faster attack speed than what's normal for a greatsword.


This rifle was constructed using an arm cannon ripped straight off a sentient. Normal fire is a barrage of bolts similar to ones fired by Battalysts. Alt fire is a more powerful, explosive version of those same bolts, at the cost of being single shot and requiring a 1-second charging period.


A deadly two-handed sentient scythe with a telescoping shaft. It's heavy attacks have triple reach, and yanks enemies hit by it closer to you.


A small, handheld sentient-designed flamethrower, equippable as a secondary. Normal fire is a long cone of white-hot flames. Alt fire is a white-hot, ball like projectile that explodes into a patch of white flames which deal damage to enemies in contact with it.


A sentient-designed spear. Can be used for traditional stabbing motions, and can also be thrown, returning to the player's hand afterwards.


Sentient designed Archgun. Fires a wide, continuous beam that does a ton of damage and has no ammo, but overheats after 2 seconds of continuous firing and must 'cool down' for 5 seconds.


2 words; spreadshot minigun. At first it fires only twice a second with a wide spread, but as the fire button is held down, it 'winds up' as fire rate increases and the spread narrows. After 5 seconds, it stops winding up, having reached maximum firerate and minimum spread.


Lazaria's signature sniper rifle. It fires laserbeams with infinite punch-through. Sentient opponents cannot adapt to it's damage. It's scope, when zoomed in, lets you see enemies through walls, and when used by Lazaria, the scope also highlights weakpoints such as the head.


Lazaria's signature secondary, it's mounted on the wrist like a Gammacor. Normal fire is a 3-shot burst of pin-point accurate lazer beams. Alt fire is a more powerful, single-shot beam with a 1-second charging period. Like the soulpiercer, it prevents sentients from adapting to it.

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