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Softlocked when getting knocked down while doing another action such as operator void dash


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TYPE: animation/soft lock bug/ key mapping bug issue
DESCRIPTION: From looking at the EE logs, I think I have narrowed down the trigger case to be when two animations play at the same time, most notably using operator mode and getting downed or knocked down. This causes the game to not register any inputs except movement and maybe some others depending on which animation sets are being used to trigger this bug.
VISUAL: N/A literally cannot do anything except move around and type in the chatbox
REPRODUCTION: This was a very common bug for me to trigger in eidolons and profit taker where heavy operator usage combined with the ability to get knocked down very easily is possible.
EXPECTED RESULT: Tell us what you think should have happened, ex: “I should have drawn my weapon”
OBSERVED RESULT: Can only move and type until death(not downed but hitting the death screen)
REPRODUCTION RATE: Pretty easy to trigger if you use transference a lot during eidolons and profit taker. And have triggered it in ESO a couple of times using void dash again the radial knockdown grineer enemy so the trigger case is pretty specific and not random out of the blue.

I suspect the cause of this bug comes from how the game treats animations with key mappings and this comes from me trying to analyze the unreadable ee logs(wish these were a little bit more readable so I can help DE narrow down exactly which lines in the ee logs contains the issues!), also sorry if I did not include the entire ee logs in this ticket since I have already attempted to narrow down the cause with using the /unstuck command to snapshot a line in the ee log or by process of matching up in-game actions that might show up on the ee logs.

Some forum posts about this bug, there are countless others as well:

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