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Pretty sure this have been here a lot, but here is another suggestion to a Look For Group Tool that could be a in-game feature.

When you play with people you meet new friends, when you play with friends you play more and you have more fun.

So a tool that help people to play together would be great in this game!

I'm already part of a clan, and also an alliance for that matter. But constantly people do not pay attention to the chat or even discord channels. Besides the "clan universe" is quite small compared to all people out there that would love to do the same content as a group.

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You mean like... The Recruiting channel? Most of the game has open matchmaking. You will need to be much more specific. There's no need for groups in this game, of course people don't care about clans. 



Destiny during its best times worked LFG out of the Tower by going to their network profile and messaging them directly, Reddit, and a .net before it was abandoned. The game world outside of world instances was less connected in-game than we are with Regional chats since then and even to the present. 

The difference is that we have little need for groups, and even less incentive to do so. That's why most people don't care about their Alliance, Clan or Discord chats. There's no raid you spend seven hours in to finally beat and name your fireteam Warframe Bros for Life, or Crucible match where you go on a twenty game winning spree to hear Shaxx scream at the top of his lungs while you tell your buds how great their plays were. As I've been saying for a while:

This is a solo game where three other people decide to share your screen space and bandwidth. 



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I've always wanted to be able to set a message that everyone on my friend list could see. This way you could let everyone know what I was doing and see what everyone else was doing. It would be a good way to link up with friends and not just default to recruit if I want to form a squad. 

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1 hour ago, AkyFenrir said:

I would call that a "friend activity tracker" kind of thing than?

Expanding the friend's list is a more attractive idea then. In most games you can see what your friends are doing at that moment, our friend's list just shows random people on the list who have open squads. 

A whole communications menu system rework would be nice, since it's been the same for years and has also been dated for years. Even something as simple as seeing their currently equipped mod sets, because just seeing the weapons tells you little in this game. Join-in-progress would need to be looked at too. Joining after 5 minutes in a survival is blocked, things like that. 

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an LFG site would probably be OK in theory but I question it's validity when Discord exists. PSN removed the Communties feature, but IIRC doesn't Xbox have an equivalent? and of course there's the in-game recruit chat, which I know can be a mixed bag outside of the newest Radshares and Tridolons, but it's more than some other games have.

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I'll try to give one specific idea about this, but could be very different and still works in the same general idea.

A new option in the "COMMUNICATION" menu (right next to Friends, Clan and Inbox) called "GROUP FINDER".

There you can find some filters like "Kuva Liches", "Eidolon", "Relic", etc. With a list of people that applied for that activity, then you can whisper or invite them. Also apply yourself to some of those activities, with a comment field like "Opening Axi G6 Relic", "Looking for Tri-Eidolon", "Farming X Warframe parts".

This way you can continue playing any missions and still be able to find a group, because people can reach you for that specific activity and you don't need to be waiting for replies in a specific chat tab.

Maybe some "Region" or "Language" filter would also be nice.

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