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Brakk + Magnum Force: Anyone Tried This Yet?



Magnum Force may not be exactly the best mod. I especially don't know if it's worth it compared to elementals and such, for the Brakk, but I was wondering if anyone tried using it as another Vicious Spread for this new sidearm?


Brakk's spread is pretty tight for a 10 pellets shotgun. Therefore, reducing its accuracy (which would make the spread bigger right?) a bit won't hinder too much, especially in terms of hitting spread out enemies.


Anyone tried it? Is it effective?

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I'm trying this right now. I'll let you know how good it is.


Just tried it; it's not bad, actually... Of course, my Magnum Force is only rank 2 with +18% damage, -9% accuracy because my Brakk doesn't have enough mod capacity yet...


I'll update when I get it higher, I think. But, for now, oh yes. It appears to work great.

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yes the spread somewhat increases (although I'm not sure if I am noticing this as a placebo)
damage per pellet can essentially triple

original damage + near 100% damage on hornet strike + near 100% on magnum force.

I mean like.... phwew!

*pulls out brakk*

stand back guys I got this!

Completely nails ancients with their large hitbox.

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I don't see that as option at Brakk upgrade panel, i'm not sure what are they talking about.


Magnum Force...


OP asked if he could use that mod as a Vicious Spread equal on Brakk, as its a sidearm.

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