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Why Can't We View Mod Configs and Looks In Simulacrum OR Captura


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It seems odd that in the place you test builds (sometimes with other people) is also a place where I can't view or apply other mod builds to my weapon to test them. The fact that we also can't view looks and apply them in there seems rather odd. 

On another note, why can't we do those things in Captura? It seems odd that in the place where you mess with cosmetic stuff for pictures you can't apply other looks to your frame to try stuff out. 

Lastly... why can't we access public chats in said places? Just seems odd. I go from relay or orbiter (places where I can access those chats) to a place that isn't a mission in the traditional sense in which I can't access those chats. Just like the dojo thing... why can't I access region in dojos? 

Since DE hasn't touched this stuff in years, it's unlikely anything will happen, but I just wish they'd add these small things. They matter.

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