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Prior to submitting a bug report, define your experience coherently, supply every detail regarding the problem, from build number to methods of replication (step-by-step guide on what you've done to get to the point of having a problem), additional software status and visual evidence, as well as logs to Support if requested as to allow those on fixing duty to replicate your situation precisely and determine what the culprit is.
It is also advised to inspect the bug report section of the Forums for existing threads that may already address the issue at hand. The search bar in the upper right corner of the Forums' inner header has some extra options in addition to keyword searching.
Remember, issue happening once is not a bug, twice is a coincidence, three times is worth of worry.
When writing a report, follow the reporting protocol written in the first post of the most recent megathread titled with the build name and the official bug reporting guidelines while making sure to provide all the detail possible, no matter how irrelevant.


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