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Acolytes are not spamming in Kuva Survival Steel Path


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As it was mentioned in different posts  created on the PC section since December until May,Acolytes stop spawning if any Lotus comunication is prompted during Kuva survival (Kuva siphon/support tower spawning) blocking other acolyte spawn for the rest of the mission.

Please try to fix this bug before tennocon 2023...


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On 2021-06-11 at 8:45 PM, fo3nixz said:

so far only way how i got them to spawn until 2hrs before i  evac was not farming kuva at all (by not converting to kuva towers)

As far as i tried acolytes spam after 2hours for me as long as i’m not touching any kuva.As it was mentioned on the pc post,the issue is the communication you receive from lotus that stops the spawn and tbh it’s annoying as you either have to calculate every spawn to not interfere with the spawn or just ignore the kuva(which is not ok).

If only DE would give us an option to disable all the communication in a mission, lotus is two steps away from being as annoying as corrupted vor.

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9 hours ago, RazerXPrime said:

The Kuva machine section changes enemy spawns allowing Kuva guardians and such to spawn. This is likely what causes it. Maybe even intended.

Kuva guardians are spawned at life tower spawn not conversion as far as i remember.It’s really easy to reproduce this, go on kuva survival, get a capsule and wait for the acolyte,on the first flicked convert the tower and then wait the acolyte won’t spawn.

But that’s not the only wait to test it, wait 5 mins and after defeating the first acolyte start converting tower timing the tower expiration closely to the second acolyte spawn and wait again( it’s easier to reproduce when all the towers are spawned and only one is being converted).

It’s not intended as all the mission should work like the non sp counter part and acolytes should spawn every 3-7 mins in survival.It’s an oversight considering that the same issue was happening on all the survival missions when acolytes were first introduced.

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