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I Want a Simple Combat log for Christmas


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I want a simple combat log for Christmas,

Only a simple combat log will do,

Don't want some stats,

All added up and wrong,

I want my kills and damage there to play with and enjoy!


I want a simple combat log for Christmas,

I don't think that DE will find it hard. 

Put it on a place, that I can access then,

I'll write my own parser and that will be the end.

(Vaguely to the tune of "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" by Gail Peavy).

Ok, seriously. I play on PS4. We need a combat log. Let me access it via the browser. Give me a hook so I can run my own parsing routines or just let me e-mail it to myself. Or copy and paste it. Something. All we get when we hit is floating numbers. We get nothing when we are hit. Who killed me? Who actually got that kill? What is my actual DPS? Give me a file with timestamps and unit identifiers, and a place to stand. And I can know, and be a better tenno.

I've played games that had combat logs, admittedly on PC, but today we have browsers that can look at files and we have JavaScript that can process them.


Why not?


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I'd be happy with the last mission, or, if that is impossible, the last 15 minutes of the last mission. 

If a human readable log is too hard or too big, give us one in byte format and some hints.

The reality is that I could spend a few bucks and warframe could use rolling save names, let me limit my logging, if turned on, to either so many logs or so many meg of logs, and I could copy them out or even to PlayStation plus. Call them save files. Heck, store the logs in screenshots using steganography. I could copy the ones i wanted to save to a USB stick using the existing PS4 stuff that allows me to backup save files. If processing them on the PlayStation using Javascript is impossible, I'll do it on my PC, or phone, and people will publish stuff to make fancy reports, etc.


Right now we are "shooting in the dark" since we only have a vague idea about how our actions affect the game.

We are looking at our actions using a steamsteamed-upor. I think a detailed simple combat log would wipe the mirror clean.



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