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Softlock When Cancelling Vote


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Cancelling a mission vote results in a softlock. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to Fortuna and invite another player to your squad.
  2. Pickup Exploiter mission from the back room.
  3. Force start it before the other squadmate votes. This will kick off 5 second countdown timer.
  4. Get the other squadmate to cancel the vote.

This causes the player who force started to be softlocked.

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10 hours ago, XHADgaming said:

Was this on the latest patch? I saw a patch note saying it was fixed if a client initiates a vote in the backroom while the host is still loading into fortuna on a recent patch notes thread.

Nop that was a different fix, in my report both players have already been loaded into fortuna and been there for a few minutes. The above report is still topical as of now.

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