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Despite an "ok"-ping, Operator mode is delayed by 20(!!) seconds, changes directions, extreme disorientation


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  • TYPE: In-game/Performance
  • DESCRIPTION: With certain hosts, Transference takes multiple seconds to complete, up to 20 seconds as seen in video despite an "ok"- ping of 90 ms. Operator and Warframe also do not share a consistent orientation, which is extremely disorienting
  • REPRODUCTION: Happens sometimes when connecting as client for the whole mission
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Swapping to Operator should be instantaneous (client-authorative, or, at the very least with current implementation at least not be longer than ping time) Also, the direction you are facing should not change when using Transference
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Swapping to Operator or to Warframe has huge delays, sometimes multiple seconds (up to 20), also, Transference changes which direction you are facing and randomly changes your location as well
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: to varying degrees, strong cases like this are like 1/20
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Yes, agreed would really love if transference wasn't host/client dependent since it introduces a bunch of bugs that are frequently encountered in game modes that usually have heavy operator usage.


This "lag" is also enough to make doors super unresponsive to open if given the right host but that problem is not as bad as transference usage.

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