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zephyr prime warframe build beginners



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Wolf has it correct. Let's look at what Zephyr does and find you a more budget friendly build.

The first thing you'll note is that the combination of Shield Gating and Turbulence means that Zephyr can survive a lot of quick damage, but has a bit of difficulty sustaining herself due to no innate forms of healing, she'll rely on weapon mods, arcanes or even gear items. So what you'll want to do is give her that health buffer to survive a little better with Vitality. A nice easy Aura to get hold of is Rejuvination, which will provide slow health restoration over time, and is genuinely helpful if you don't have the more advanced methods of healing yet.

A base Zephyr has no need of Strength (although you will want that for her Augments, which are fun, so don't Forma yourself into a corner), so you can build Duration, Range and a little Efficiency.

Duration is what scales her 3 and 4, which are her most powerful abilities, so I would go with Continuity, Augur Message, and getting hold of Constitution isn't too hard either.

Efficiency will keep her casting, so a basic Streamline is all you need there.

Range is also important, you never want to go under Neutral, positive Range will always serve you well for both Air Burst and Turbulence. So, to make use of an zero-Forma'd Zephyr Prime you can go for Augur Reach, Stretch and Cunning Drift to fill that extra V slot (not hard to get from the Lua tile set).

This leaves you with enough left over for an Exilus if you have the Adaptor, which you can use on something like Aviator, Enemy Sense, Patagium or even Power Drift (to stack with Constitution so that you don't get knocked down a third of the time, and if you do you get up much faster). On a budget, Aviator or Enemy Sense is fine.

So with no Forma you have a more survivable Zephyr, your Duration gets you a 36 second cast on both Turbulence and Tornado, your Range is enough to use the CC on Air Burst and the Defense on Turbulence, and the combined Duration and Efficiency means that the Hover will cost you less than half of base, although you won't need to use that much.

As for weapons, it depends.

Zephyr's passive boosts Crit Chance like a mod does, by 150%, just for being off the ground. Tornado boosts Crit Damage by 2x your modded amount when you shoot the funnels and deal damage to the enemies touching them. So a Crit-heavy weapon is good as a starting point.

But as with everything, Status can do a lot with Zephyr.

The average best weapons I've found have a lot of up-front damage, Crit based stats, and have some form of innate Elemental damage. For example, the Catchmoon secondary Kitgun is a great base if you bias it towards up-front damage and crit, because it has high amounts of punch-through, the shotgun style fall-off damage is something you can ignore because you'll be using it to shoot Tornado, and it has innate Radiation, meaning the Status will turn off all sorts of silly things lie 'auras' and 'buffs' from enemies to help you kill things.

But if you want in on a secret, one of the more devastating things in the game right now is to use a weapon that can cause Gas or heavy Electric status. Because the Hold cast on Tornado (to make stationary funnels) has a magnificent interaction with those two status types.

If you cast that ability, pull enemies into it with Air Burst so there's lots of suspended enemies, then shoot a funnel just once... the status takes over and deals massive damage because it hits and re-hits by bouncing the damage back and forth between the enemies and the Tornado funnels themselves.

Amazing for any mission where you might have to stand still for any length of time, like Defense, Interception, Mobile Defense, Survival and so on. It's solid CC and potentially massive damage depending on how many enemies you grab.

So, as I say, it kind of depends.

Zephyr boosts the damage of any weapon using her passive and Tornado, so try out different ones to find out what fits you best, but if you really want to see some spectacular effects you can put the time and investment into something like the Fulmin (modding it for pure damage, crit and Electric) with that punch-through ball of electricity, and that kind of thing will even let you melt Steel Path Acolytes if you kite them through a Tornado full of enemies.

Oh, and one last thing:

Some enemies are literally Zephyr's worst nightmare, like the Juno Elite Crewman, with their full-auto AoE damage rifles that can impact the floor or walls around Zephyr and still hurt her. Do not charge in and try to melee those kinds of enemies, play a little safe on Corpus maps. Flame thrower enemies are not affected by Turbulence (when by default they should be the most affected) and will easily melt you instead.

And yes, Tailwind is a pain to control in confined spaces, remember to use the Hover after a Tailwind if you want to stop, because it kills all momentum, so does Wall Latching.

But try it out, have fun ^^

Hit me up for a build based on her Augments when you're further into the game!

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The efficiency mod, Streamline, and duration mods, Continuity and Augur Message, are really good starting points. Stretch for range also.

As for weapons, I believe high rate of fire crit weapons are great for killing enemies trapped in her tornados, as the crit damage gets boosted when you shoot the tornados. To add to that, Zephyr has extra crit chance while airborne.


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