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Contacting Konzu


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Over two and half hours spent looking for an npc and grinding through all of Eidolons possible mines only to fall into one without exit and lose TONS of resources.

Even found 1000 years old fish.
Nothing in inventory leftt as I was basically forced to abort the mission without a way to return. Just 3 hours lost from biography. WHO CARES
and a fancy Achievement I don't even care about.
I took even screenshots with evidences of how much exactly I lost but EVEN THE SCREENSHOT IS GONE.

Not sure about Warframe the game. Short break from it took few years but I don't see like coming back after staying seeing the situation is still as tragic as it is. Beta was more fun tbh.

and with probably better fps.

Just rant about nonsense.

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There are no PoE caves 'without exits'. There are 1 or 2 of them that are rather tricky if you forget where you entered, but they all can be exited once entered. Also screenshots don't just delete themselves. Were you looking in the right place for them?

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Post game screen looked like this.


Doesn't matter, I couldn't finish the mission anyway so any thing I picked up on the way was a waste of time. The contact relays didn't work and Konzu never responded to my calls. Even tho I tried reaching him through every single one on the map. He's probably left the Eidolon whatsoever at this point because finding him proved impossible.
The cave Im talking about had a big downward hole as an entrance. Even with my skills I was unable to get out.
No, I don't have wings yet.

It's just very frustrating me to just have nothing from grinding for so long

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Every cave can be exitted by a frame of any type without fancy things like archwing mode. Some caves in PoE can be rather tricky as they are a bit of a maze. You may have been just gotten lost in one. No worries, it happens to all of us.

Sucks you lost your loot though. That stings.

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