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Cannot skip intro cinematics on mission start


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I cannot skip the intro cinematics if i'm not the host, i can try to skip and press YES many times, but no effect. Only the host can skip it and they can start the mission immediately while others have to wait. By the time the cutscene finishes and i join, often times other players already went through half the map.
In the beginning i can see my warframe landing on the platform next to other players, but then i'm alone and others are far away, because they skipped it and i couldn't.
I noticed this when i'm the host as well, if i skip the intro i can start the mission immediately but others are still lagging behind, glitching in mid-air and bumping around the landing platform until they join.
Does this happen only to me or?

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This bug seems to affect the player that is designated the "last" spot of each squad.

The host skipping the intro cutscene before other players have fully loaded into the game does also seem to be a cause, but primarily the bug works like so: If the bug occurs, out of a squad of two players, player number 2 cannot skip. Out of a squad of three players, player number 3 cannot skip. Out of a squad of four, player number 4 cannot skip.

This bug has been in the game for half a decade now.

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