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xoris riven



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I'm going to copy and paste the answer from the last time you asked this.

"You can use warframe.market or riven.market to get a general idea of what other players are trying to sell similar rivens for. Your riven is useable but doesn't have a negative so it's not going to sell for a whole lot but it should go for more than trash/unrolled. 



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Keep rolling.

You're not getting a clear price, since despite having 3 good stats on the Riven, the disposition of the Xoris doesn't make this riven worth slotting.


28.7% Attack Speed

You're either running Primed Fury which gets you +55% attack speed or Berserker for +75%, even base Fury is better at 30%, you won't replace any of these mods with this Riven.


81.3% Crit Chance

This competes with Sacrificial Steel at +220%/275% crit chance, if you decide to use either of these mods.

HOWEVER with INFINITE combo duration, Blood Rush will provide you +660% crit chance, with only very little downtime at the beginning of the mission.

+81.3% is absolutely nothing compared to your exisiting options!


44.5% Toxin

You run either Corrosive or Viral, so toxin on your riven seems good, but in reality with the existance of Primed Fever Strike, which will provide you a +165% Toxin damage increase, this mod is roughly only worth 1/4 of that mod.


No negative?

3 stats + no negative on a low dispo weapon (0.65 for Xoris) is almost never worth slotting and even then it might not be worth buying for a very low damage increase.


When rolling a riven, always consider that you have to replace one of your existing mods, so if a regular mod ends up better than your Riven, you know you have to keep rolling!




This Riven is worth as much as a bad stat low roll Xoris Riven.

(I don't know anything about PSN prices)

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