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Console Update: Sisters of Parvos (Status: LIVE!)

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To all the folks who defended DE for being lazy about console builds saying simultaneous release was unfeasible... Explain this then. Its almost like you were wrong. Its bugged me how console gets charged as much for plat (more when you account for pc coupons) yet get a lesser product at a later date.

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Looking at the list of details and fixes. Good work! Lots of good important changes here. I wanted to share my 2 cents on a few key points. Since we don't have pennies anymore in Canada, I'm going to share a little more than a few points.


  • Converted Kuva Liches can now be used as ‘On Call’ Crewmates.

That's nice, but modded weapons are still more powerful.


  • Crew Competencies are now visible in the Tactical Map when hovering over Crew Members. 
  • This was highly requested to help make an informed decision when swapping Crew roles in the heat of battle.

Thank you! Because, yes, more information is better for the UI. DE_Pablo, please add more useful info
 in the UI.


  • Improved the ‘Abort’ Railjack mission flow by changing and fixing the following:
  • These changes come after reviewing why Clients in Railjack missions would often find themselves feeling unable to leave after mission completion in public squads. We determined that the language used in these scenarios was unclear/confusing and that there were several other issues related to how rewards were shown in the UI and saved to inventory that we have resolved below!
  • ‘Abort Mission’ will now update to ‘Leave Mission’ in the pause menu after successfully completing a Railjack mission. 
    • It will also prompt a new message that better describes what will occur: “Leave Mission: You will keep mission rewards and XP earned to this point, but will disconnect from your squad. Are you sure you want to leave this mission?” vs. the previous “Abort Mission: You will keep progress but forfeit the completion rewards and bonuses. Are you sure you want to abort this mission?”
  • Fixed Clients not being able to ‘Abort’ Mission and retain their rewards once the mission objective has been completed. 
  • Fixed the End of Mission screen not showing the full collection of rewards earned in the mission when returning to the Orbiter. 
  • Fixed ‘Aborting’ Railjack Mission not awarding items earned from POIs.

Thank you. For years, DE (and the wiki) have stated that clicking Abort Mission in Open World and Railjack allows you to keep your rewards, but it has not been true. I'm kinda frustrated, but I hope now it actually works. I don't plan on aborting anything though, and I solo railjack.


  • Swapped game modes of Kelpie and Kappa nodes on Sedna: Disruption <-> Spy. This moves Disruption off the main path forward to aid in New Player Experience.
  • This addresses Stolen weapons picked up by Sevagoth’s Shadow not being returned.

(Confusion) What does Sevagoth's Shadow have to do with this? (Annoyance) The "New Player Experience" reaches all the way to Sedna? (Sarcasm) Is Steel Path also part of the N.P.E.?


  • Increased the Daily Standing cap you get before including Mastery, slightly reduced the amount you get from Mastery. All players before MR 30 will have a higher Daily Standing cap than they used to, while players at MR 30 will have the same cap as before.
  • In addition to giving more room for Tenno to get to that final rank with their Syndicates, this will ultimately help reduce the time new players spend ranking up with their chosen Syndicates. Previously, if you were Mastery Rank 10, you would have a daily Standing cap of 16,000. Now, with the changes we’ve made, your daily Standing cap for MR 10 is 21,000.

So MR30s don't benefit. Ok, I guess. I hope it becomes easier to trade for the Archgun Parts, Augments, and Weapons. It's annoying getting ignored on TC.


  • Added a "To be continued..." label to The New War in Codex if the third entry cinematic has been viewed. The third cinematic entry has also officially been titled “The Maker”.
  • This section now also displays completion state for cinematic entries.

Neat! Makes sense to me. (Off topic) Is there a reason the Old Blood Cinematic is always just a black screen with audio?


  • Redeeming a Promo Code in the ingame Market will now show the claimed items in the success message.

Thank you. Because more information is always better!


  • Changed the “None” Dojo Backdrop to a default option instead of a Recipe that must be researched.
  • We made this change because “None” is every room’s default when first constructed. We want this option always available instead of requiring more research on the part of Clans who wish to return a room to how it first appeared.
  • This change will deduct 1K Affinity from Clans that completed the research, but it will not affect the tiers of Clans who upgraded to a higher tier using this 1K Affinity. We will be running a script to refund Clans who spent Credits on “None” Backdrop research.

RIP. That's annoying. I just want my clan to be Rank 11. :sad: I still need more Clan Affinity and now you're going to claw that away?


  • Fixed multiple issues with Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors Clones while in Archwing:
  • Fixed them not using Archwing weapons. 
  • Fixed jittery movement. 
  • Fixed them being very far from Mirage. 

I'm confused, when is this even an issue? Railjack missions? And why does Mirage's ability get to persist when entering archwing? Most frames get their abilities canceled out immediately.


  • Fixed Vulpaphyla’s infected by Vasca Virus creating an Imprint that cannot be used for breeding.
  • Vulpaphyla’s can no longer be infected. 

Aww. I would have liked to try that combo!


  • Fixed Sly Vulpaphyla not being affected by Ivara’s Prowl invisibility while downed and after being revived. 

Thank you. That's a pretty big QoL!


  • Fixed causing Damage to yourself and squadmates if you have Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors active and your clones inflict a Status Effect which causes Damage in a radius (Gas, Electric, etc) that lingers on the target and the clone ability ends.

I suppose this is for the best, but I have mixed emotions about it. Part of me wants the familiar feeling of self-damage. The other part of me hates all the new sources of self-stagger.


  • Fixed the Neo Z7 Relic from the Profit-Taker Phase 4 rewards not being Radiant.

Thank you. That's been a long time coming. Suggestion: put a better reward in place of a relic.


  • Fixed ability to escape the Cold Below Captura Scene using Operator Void Dash or Archwing.

I missed out on that? I like finding out-of-bounds areas.


  • Fixed ability to Transmute Veiled Riven Mods which lead to a broken screen when playing in non-English.

I'm looking forward to getting the Riven Ciphers! 💖


  • Fixed The Sergeant's sniper rifle having too long of a delay between shots.

Suggestion: rework the whole Sergeant boss. (Off topic) What about the Corpus unit that can spam the Exergise because they don't need to reload their weapon?


  • Fixed the Tek Enhance mod not increasing the Duration of the Sly Vulpaphyla’s Survival Instinct Precept. 

Thank you. Survival is a good QoL fix!


  • Fixed being unable to swap Khora’s Venari's Polarities in the Arsenal.

Thank you. But I have two Khoras that share a single Vernari (exalted item). Why don't my two different Khoras have two different Vernaris?

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Hi Danielle! I'm finishing up a couple of bug reports to make threads for in the next day or two (If not tonight), so when I do I'll post them both in this thread for greater visibility.  In the meantime, there are a couple of fixes in that list which caught my eye:

On 2021-05-31 at 9:56 AM, [DE]Danielle said:

Fixed causing Damage to yourself and squadmates if you have Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors active and your clones inflict a Status Effect which causes Damage in a radius (Gas, Electric, etc) that lingers on the target and the clone ability ends.

I'm very happy to see that fixed! Back around the time of Deimos (Or Deimos Arcana?) I remember using gas damage with my main weapon build & Hall of Mirrors, but out of nowhere I'd suddenly take damage and get killed after wiping everything else out. It took me awhile to figure out it was the gas damage clouds procced during HoM that were the culprit. I didn't consider that electric procs could do it too, so hopefully that'll help Sentinels survive a bit more!

  • Also a tad unrelated; Sentinels really do need greater survivability, if that's a possibility to pursue. I'd check out Drivamain's thread regarding Companions and Sentinels. I think it could help open up some ideas for improving them & what they can do if nothing else.


On 2021-05-31 at 9:56 AM, [DE]Danielle said:

Fixed a few attachment issues with the TennoCon 2021 Armor.

I'm also glad to see that's getting fixed! But I actually spoke too soon when I first mentioned it was only with Mirage Prime, etc. The second bug report thread I'm working on is actually dedicated to rooting out all the things with the TennoCon armor. I noticed some other specific skins across other frames are affected as well, so I decided to dive in the other day and check out every skin on every frame I own. I've discovered 20+ issues in total, but as I don't own all the frames, I would actually need some help with reporting any other issues, if there are any.

  • Most of those issues are minor (Clipping / misalignment), as I wrote in the thread (Writing in the google docs), but others are more significant. I'm basically just planning to take new screenshots of everything to put on that thread, and then it'll be posted in "Players helping Players", since I'll need help to complete that bug report.
    • If I were to post it in the bug forums, I would be limited to the Nintendo Switch bug section, and I'm quite sure that this is not a Switch-specific problem. All the more reason to involve all platforms if more people wanted to help :)
  • I should have that bug report posted by the end of the week hopefully, but in the meantime these are the Warframes I cannot check as of this writing:

    Atlas,  Baruuk,  Chroma,  Ember,  Excalibur Prime,  Gara Prime,  Grendel,  Harrow,  Hydroid,  Inaros,  Ivara,  Loki Prime,  Mag Prime,  Mesa,  Nezha Prime,  Nova,  Octavia,  Octavia Prime,  Revenant,  Rhino,  Sevagoth, and Trinity.


    If you own the TennoCon 2021 armor and one or more of these Warframes, I'd equip the full set and check every skin they have available (You can just preview the skin too). If you see anything like clipping, misalignment or entire misplacement, screenshot it. When I have that thread up, I'll be sure to link it further down this thread.

    • For an example on "misplacement", I'd check the right shoulder of Mirage Prime's default Prime skin, and the right shoulder of Nekros Prime's default Prime skin. Both shoulders of Equinox Prime (All skins except her "non-Prime day form" skin) are another example.
      • Quick word of caution, that right shoulder of Nekros Prime and the Immortal skin via him (The Prime that is) may surprise you. None of this is a complaint by the way, but I just wanted to let you know.
    • For "misalignment", Volt Prime's right shoulder with the Itzal Armor, and the right shoulder of the Hydroid Rakkam skin (I tested via Hydroid Prime & the TennoCon armor) are some examples.
      • Basically, what I mean by misaligned armor is an Armor piece that looks like it's in the right spot, but it's angled strangely.
    • For clipping, Rhino Prime's shoulders and the Zephyr Harrier Skin are good examples. Emblems can also clip into Rhino p's shoulders, as far as that goes.
      • It's worth noting that each individual case is a bit different, which is one reason why I wanted to find all the issues I could and document them.

    I've already checked all the other Warframes not on the above list, and I'll have my own screenshots and more details on the thread when it's posted.

  • There's no pressure on that though, but I just wanted to give you a heads-up that there are more than just a "few" issues with the TennoCon armor, unbeknownst to me! I'll try to provide as much information as I can to help get that fully fixed; Especially before TennoCon itself.


Aside from that, I've actually been wondering about Kuva Liches vs Sisters of Parvos as well. If you can have a Lich and a Sister at the same time, what if there were crossfire missions where their forces were fighting each other over who gets to kill you first? I really think it would be neat if you could have both at once. I dunno how murmur progress would work during that though, unless (In order to account for the mission level increase, etc.) murmur gains were also increased accordingly. It could encourage fighting both of them as opposed to one at a time.


Thanks for hearing me out on all that; I'll do what I can to get those threads posted asap.

Edited by (NSW)Gamer-Steve
I forgot to include Excalibur, Mag and Loki Prime to the list of frames I don't own, regarding testing the TennoCon Armor! As far as I know that should be it for now, as of this writing.
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On 2021-05-31 at 11:56 AM, [DE]Danielle said:

Console Update: Sisters of Parvos

Hi Danielle- 

when can Deimos pets equip armors and kavat and kubrow gene masking kits? Deimos pets have been out awhile and we still can’t equip and gene masking kits or armor. 

thank you for reading and your time. 

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On 2021-05-31 at 4:56 PM, [DE]Danielle said:

Sisters of Parvos is in development for PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch to be simultaneously released across all Platforms!

Ha, consoles will get to experience all the newly introduced bugs at the same time. Sweet revenge.

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Hi! Love this update already, much needed fixes and super excited about Tennogen, Yareli and the sisters.

I have a new(ish) decoration idea you guys and gals may be interested in: Sanctuary Onslaught Efficiency Stimulus

My buddies and I have spoken about this a few times and we would love this in our orbiters/dojos

If this happens, I would love it. If not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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It took some time to write them up, but both threads are now posted!

  • I have around 15 different bugs described on there, some of which are newer information on bugs I've previously reported.
    • There are still some bugs I haven't seen fixes for (Acolytes & Necramech being an example), but I hope they'll be included in Sisters of Parvos.


  • I've got at least 22 different cases mentioned on there, all with screenshots. Some skins seem to share the same armor issues for certain Frames, and as I mentioned before there can be differences between regular / Prime Warframes with the same Armor. The Nekros Irkalla skin is a good example, if you equip the TennoCon Armor with that via Nekros / Nekros Prime, and compare the two.
  • I just hope all of these issues can be fixed before TennoCon at the latest, for anyone else who likes to use that armor. I've got a list of Warframes I cannot check on that thread; I don't think I'll feasibly be able to get all of them before Sisters of Parvos, which is essentially why I need help to finish that bug report.


On 2021-05-31 at 9:56 AM, [DE]Danielle said:
  • Fixed Orphix missing collision in Orphix Railjack mission - making it impossible to melee. 

I wasn't aware that was a bug; It certainly didn't occur during my Orphix runs in the event! That being said, will the same kind of fix be applied to other things in Empyrean, namely the Missile Platform turrets?


I'll keep an eye out if I spot another bug, or information on the ones I've reported. Let me know if anything is needed with these. I really would appreciate any help regarding the TennoCon Armor issues though, if anyone wouldn't mind :)

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Greetings how about a forge room, or a decoration build like the trading station for our dojos would be nice. Also a cut scene of us tennos arriving & departing with our landing crafts (liset) to & fro our orbiters...ex like cut scene of relay docking etc...just tierd of arguing with noobs who think orbiter & landing craft is one in the same..thanks.. P.S..my helimith system is glitch whatever is in slot A overrides B & C..??


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On 2021-06-01 at 10:05 PM, (XBOX)The Tuff Song said:

To all the folks who defended DE for being lazy about console builds saying simultaneous release was unfeasible... Explain this then. Its almost like you were wrong. Its bugged me how console gets charged as much for plat (more when you account for pc coupons) yet get a lesser product at a later date.

This is gonna blow your mind, but just because something is feasible now doesn't mean it always was.

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