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Devstream Overview: 155

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155 devstream (15th home stream)

last devstream before tennocon

Gift of lotus





New event on subreddit , its pinned and is weekly in honor of 500,000 subsppCbEL9nYgX-ppc4iqLso2uF-daY23h2j2o1_AqYvgdWMA-kvm2R9pP1FQiZZoSuAGA232p7xDDnLd0xIcKjy2xCyfmn-jXa98nzlUNFvNktZIajH2p8Y8KWjGJ3ReJPgQsoYUig

Fan Merch 


!fanmerch on twitch 
For those who make fan merch 



July 17th 
New merch 


Also sevagoth shirt 


Ps (need an excalibur umbra plushy in my life ..hint ….hint )


Prime trailers:


try to commit to making and doing these now consistently  

Game changes



Sisters of parvos

Sister lich

Magnetic damage is meta -reb
(less hounds more murmur) 
Sister creation

Sister battles

(codex will also get an expansion) 

Sisters weapons


Ghoul saw
Arrives with plague star

Dog days
June 7th (rifle skin of soaker) 

Rank 10 command the elite crew members have benefits to a specific type, you will need/want to culminate them based on the style you play to use these traits to your advantage 

Clan recruitment

New dedicated space
Pay resources to get advertisement time 

Kuva expansion

Modular archwing

not in sisters of parvos, the melee /gun rebalance is priority over this 

Ranged vs melee balance
June 16th dev workshop and stream on the rebalance ( nerfs/buffs and everything in between?)




Harrow alt helm


Ember delux 2 syandana


Deluxe tease talk (tennocon) -clip submitten by vaktalor

new deluxe skins teased - Twitch




Bully video


Seems people using devstreams to make emojis of devs faces….what kind of person does that ??



If you want to get notifications/links on my overviews, I post them on my discord and twitter when they drop




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This was a fast overview Mako. I watched the stream on youtube but the bots making the questions impossible to see. What I really wanted to know is not adressed here but at least there are several interesting things.

I have a bad feeling the nerf on melee will be hard enough to make me less enjoying them. I don't agree with buffs only with mods because many weapons (mostly the early ones) needs adjustments to make them up to date.

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Just now, Sziklamester said:

This was a fast overview Mako. I watched the stream on youtube but the bots making the questions impossible to see. What I really wanted to know is not adressed here but at least there are several interesting things.

try to get it out asap

and well de is usually a bit tightlipped when we draw toward tennocon , hopefully more answers q n a there 

side note (i was being attacked by kittens while doing this so if i missed something sorry) 

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1 minute ago, Volimar said:

Now that we know the next Nightwave is so far off, can you reset this Intermission so we can earn rewards aside from just 15 credits at a time for the next several months?

I feel like they don't want to do that, because it would let us stockpile up on Potatoes and other goods.

letting it go Idle is a way to drive up Market purchases, while still keeping up the appearances of there being a free option.

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Just now, (XBOX)EternalDrk Mako said:

try to get it out asap

and well de is usually a bit tightlipped when we draw toward tennocon , hopefully more answers q n a there 

side note (i was being attacked by kittens while doing this so if i missed something sorry) 

Tennocon does not interests me and the questions usually not weightened enough to convice them to change in directions or consider many years ago things to be fixed. Companions needs tweaks, new mods, bugs could be fixed, some warframe needs still tweaks or even reworks to be updated. I am more or less care about the base game content. I would like to see some more work in them by adding new maps or reworking some existing ones.

The railjack in huge margin does not interests me. I skip also the lich system too.

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Thank you for the overview (as always!...even if I am usually just reading it and not commenting on it 😅 )
Let's not forget a new moment during the Devstream for possible future-memes:



picture without other stuff


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I wish they had said if the Vent Kids mini quest and/or Yareli would be locked behind their standing. And the rank 10 command ability is disappointing. The crew we have are already slayers that can essentially beat stages with little to no player input, ones that are even stronger aren't needed. Otherwise, pretty good dev stream.

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18 minutes ago, (XBOX)GearsMatrix301 said:

Yareli looks really fun.

I expect her parts to drop from ForTuna Bounties. I doubt we’ll be getting all of a frames parts through a mini quest.

K-drive races or via Vent Kid standing seems more likely.

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- Elite Crew news sucked....  I dont wanna toss the ones I have...  and what happened to being able to upgrade their abilities beyond what intrinsics allow??

-Will  RJ-Survival/Spy by new nodes or are they replacing others ???  (like crpus defense lol)

-Yorelai? is K-drives in missions.... is that going to open up normal K-drive use in missions or it just stays locked to make Yorelai stand out??  (Infested K-drive coloring fix when???   But more important you gave infested K-drives and then instantly turn around and reveal Yorelai.

-Paradox only thing from 2019 they havent delivered and it involves RJ... I think thats what they are working on for Tennocon....   The tenno vs horse guy took place on a planet....   its waaaaay off the rails and stuff but what if we could get a big open world space on a planet surface as a "house" lol.  In the paradox realm..... (Our orbiters are getting very cramped,  I do want a bigger or additional personal space area.   Dojos are to big, and for most people not as option as they arent the ones in control.  What if you donated everything of yours to a can even if they gave you a room and then they kick you out lol??? Your stuff is perma gone.... great solution.)

-MUST HAVE upgraded FERROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

-Warframe content has ALOT of different areas yes.  And it probably feels like you get pulled to work on them yes...   I think the reason for that is you never give yourselves time to look at feedback for new content and get it into a really good spot before moving on.   (For example   Corpus RJ came out just now,  you tweaked balance things and bugs, but left alot of the feedback in a garbage can...   Defense tile/Orphix feedback just totally ignored..  grineer side not even messed with or made functional with new AI crew).

-On Devstream 154 I think there was some talk about giving NPC vendors in game more stuff to do, more interaction with players.    If Nightwave is getting dumbed down on the story stuff.......   Maybe every 2-3 months whatever the cycle is SUPPOSE to be a different NPC could host the Nightwave and have new rewards to hand out).   I would kill to get some of those signs and lockers and weapon racks and ammo decorations from Darvos's room in relay!!!   But the rewards could be whatever items you wanted.

Speaking of NW rewards....   Old alerts used to have nightmare mods in them as a reward....  when we got NW, the nightmare mods were only available from nightmares...   Im trying to speak as a Veteran for newbies.....  I had no idea what the hell a nightmare mission was when I started, and was completely oblivious to the fact they may have rare mods.   I dont know how the hell newbs get their hands on Hammershot nowadays.   I know NW will make you run 10 nightmares sometimes and they might get hammershot during that.  But I think they should be in NW store the same as all those aura mods.   


-Last Dog Days was a let down =(.  Nothing new.   You got some decorations from Cetus that woud be pretty sick.   The octopuss thing and the windchimes!!  I am definately gonna grind for that Soakatron (Kela De'Thum said those guns were meant to spew acid... would have been cool to have the actual gun...)

-So we have to do K-drive stuff to get Yoreli??  Seems pretty easy to add more races to maps...   Please add some races that stick to the roads in OV.   Those can be pretty damn challenging when K-drives come out of nowhere lol.  I've probably fallen more times trying to follow the roads then doing races.  


Happy crunching for Tennocon!! 

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47 minutes ago, (XBOX)GearsMatrix301 said:

Not a fan of needing to spend of Granum Crown just to roll the dice on a corpus Larva for them to maybe have the weapon I want.

Ugh... seriously? 

They are really doing that? 

RNG can be bad enough I've spent almost 40 runs just trying to get one of two kuva weapons I wanted to appear... seeing every other kuva weapon in the game at least once before the ones I wanted. 

Now imagine doing that and spending a granum crown each time... only saving grace would be if the granum crown is refunded to me if I just abort the mission when I don't see the weapon I want. 

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thanks as always Mako!

 already knew about the stuff in here, but I have 2 major concerns:

- first, Yareli being put behind Vent Kids... sigh... I really didn't want this to be a frame locked behind content I'd rather avoid, but here we are. I'll probably end up doing the quest anyway, but after that, I'm almost certainly gonna end up buying her. I get that maybe some people want older open worlds to matter but I can't stand those cringey brats and the way they talk.

- second is this upcoming blade and gun rework. I'm not gonna cast any stones because we don't actually know anything other than a change is definitely coming, but for anyone who hasn't been around during these balance changing updates, things can get a little... turbulent around here. so prepare to see people freaking out over nothing and acting hostile, it tends to happen when things start getting changed.

otherwise, still looking forward to the Sisters and all the new weapons, as the syndicate armor. 

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